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Red Bull M.E.O. returns for Season 4

Red Bull M.E.O. returns for Season 4

Featuring League of Legends: Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile as the headline titles, Red Bull M.E.O. is back for another season of competitive mobile gaming.

Red Bull M.E.O. returns for Season 4

Red Bull M.E.O. enters its fourth year with another set of major international mobile gaming tournaments.

This time around, M.E.O. will focus on Wild Rift and PUBG Mobile, two of the biggest games in the mobile market today. Wild Rift brings the classic League of Legends experience to mobile and is steadily building a dedicated fanbase since first released in the back end of 2020, while PUBG Mobile continues to dominate mobile charts worldwide.

Dedicated PUBG Mobile tournaments will take place across all participating countries, with Wild Rift available in some European and Asian countries.

In addition to these two titles, region-specific additions will also feature, including World Cricket Championship in India and Sri Lanka.

R\ed Bull M.E.O. Season 4: Official Trailer

All tournaments are fully open to all players, who will go through an extensive qualification process as they battle against the best in their respective countries.

National competitions will have two stages -- Qualifiers and Finals -- and take place July-December 2021.

There will also be International Online Qualifiers and Regional Finals, taking place in the Europe, South East Asia, and Middle East regions.

Europe gets Wild Rift, with the other two regions hotdropping into PUBG Mobile. These take place October-December 2021.

Red Bull M.E.O. Season 3 saw more than 60,000 players register to take part, across 28 countries globally. The Finals were held across a twelve-day period in a 'virtual Istanbul'.

More details on the Finals format for this year will come at a later date. For more information, follow this link.


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