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Pokémon GO: These giant billboards are causing a sensation in Japan

Pokémon GO: These giant billboards are causing a sensation in Japan

Giant, animated 3D Pokémon billboards have appeared at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. You can see Pokémon inspired by cats and other felines to celebrate International Cat Day.

To celebrate International Cat Day, Nintendo has installed a 3D Pokémon Go billboard around the area outside Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

We can see Pikachu and then several cat-type Pokémon or other felines evolve in 3D and play happily with each other, jostling to see the crowd below.

International Meowth Day

Meowth, Meowth of Alola, Meowth of Galar, Skitty, Chacripan, Flamiaou‎‎, Psystigri, Chaglam, and… Sorbébé? All the poké-felines (well, almost… Sorbébé?) are there to celebrate International Cat Day.

Represented in the Pokémon GO billboard unveiled by Nintendo in Tokyo, in animated 3D, just that, the pokechats of the day caused a sensation at Shinjuku station.

More Pokémon panels to come

3D billboards have been particularly fashionable for the past few months, and many franchises in video games or pop culture in general have used them to advertise their products.

Netflix had installed a panel like this to advertise the new Resident Evil series , for example, or Square Enix for their remake of Final Fantasy VII.

You can see the panel video below in the tweet from Pokémon Go Japan.

The billboard will remain rotating outside Shinjuku Station until September 5, which leaves plenty of time to see it if you're lucky enough to live in the area.

This is apparently the first 3D panel in a series of Pokémon ads that will appear on the billboard by September 5, this one being inspired by International Cat Day.

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