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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide: the 7 Crystal Balls

The dragon Shenron will appear in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. After collecting the 7 crystal balls, the player will be able to ask the giant dragon to grant a few wishes that will help you to become more powerful.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide: the 7 Crystal Balls

One of the key elements of Akira Toriyama's work, Shenron and the Crystal Balls, was bound to be on the Cyberconnect2 RPG, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The Dragon Balls are scattered all over the world. Unless you're extremely lucky, Bulma's radar is vital to find them. Among the wishes that Shenron can grant you, resurrecting emblematic enemies in epic battles is probably the most useful.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

While this wish may seem absurd, it allows any playable character to face the bosses again and opens up new dialogue possibilities depending on the transformation used at that moment. In addition to earning a large number of experience points, Soul Emblems will be unlocked to enhance your Community Board.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Tougher battles unlock against these same enemies, but this time they'll have a red aura. In addition to providing another challenge, the rewards from these battles are far from trivial.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: vehicles and robots

Inspired by episode 125 of the anime, Bandai Namco offers us a nice wink in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. In addition to enjoy the exceptional abilities of the heroes of Dragon Ball Z, CyberConnect2 provides the player with several vehicles to vary the exploration.

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Tony Redgrave 3 years ago

I am 21 years old I have been watching Dragon ball (z, shitty gt, super, and all the movies) basically my whole life and I have never once heard them referenced as crystal dragon balls, now I have not watched the original DB more than once over so if they are called that on there my mistake, but I find it to be quite the assumption to call them crystal dragon balls considering I don't believe they've ever been called that

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