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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Guide — the basics of combat

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — Guides, walkthrough and news
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Guide — the basics of combat

Like any decent RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has a more complete combat system than it looks, and it requires preparation in order to defeat the toughest enemies.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Guide — the basics of combat

The Cyberconnect2 teams have created an RPG as faithful to the anime as possible with Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. The dynamic and diverse battles are the main feature of the confrontations, with very distinct enemies having their own special attacks. The character controlled by the player will also change frequently. Many tools are available to overcome the different bosses that make up the world of this Dragon Ball Z adaptation.

Basic attacks

Of course, it's possible to make basic melee attacks, but Button Mashing won't work against the toughest enemies who have a wide range of patterns that sometimes make them untouchable. That's why it's important to vary with ranged attacks that consume Ki, to observe the bosses' techniques from afar and to take the opportunity to recharge your Ki in order to have as much as possible in stock at all times. When the opportunity arises, the use of a Dragon Rush, also using Ki, allows you to easily surprise your opponent by putting everything on the offensive side. At the end of a successful combo, a follow up comes up to inflict more damage. This technique is especially effective when the opponent is pinned against a wall or crosses a scenery.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Parries and dodges

The art of combat requires a good mastery of defense. You can dodge enemy attacks by teleporting over very short distances several times in a row and without consuming Ki. The guard is an essential element, reducing the damage received but not cancelling it. Be careful not to overuse it, a stun gauge fills up as you take damage. But fortunately this gauge also applies to the enemies. During the parry phases, two important options are available to you. The first is to create a shock wave when an enemy gets a little too clingy, which will knock him down a few meters away.

The second one is more applicable to counter attacks from a distance: with good timing, it is possible to teleport behind the opponent's back to regain the advantage and to chain several attacks. This is why it is essential to keep a close eye on your Ki bar and recharge it throughout the fight because these two defense techniques, however useful they may be, consume a lot of energy. Finally, the Dragon Rush can also be used as a means of dodge although it is preferred for attacking.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Special techniques

As you travel the world of Dragon Ball Z, new techniques will be unlocked. You can make them evolve, for example thanks to the Z Orbs. Several levels are available, increasing their efficiency. These special techniques, such as the Kamehameha or the Burning Attack, can be configured via a menu and used in combat thanks to shortcuts. You have to compose according to your preferences and fighting style in order to find the best possible combination of ranged and close combat attacks. A total of 4 special techniques can be selected in the shortcuts at the same time, but they can be arranged at any time outside of combat.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Transformations and awakening

You will unlock various transformations for each of the characters as well. The logic will follow that of the story, for example it won't be possible to transform into SSJ3 before reaching the stage of the Arc Buu. Once the stage is reached you will be able to use a shortcut to transform at any time during a fight. Among other things, this transformation will improve speed, attack, defense and will give access to special techniques.

On top of that, an awareness state will be reached when the Ki gauge and the "Heat Up" bar are at their maximum. This temporary state allows you to make a series of super attacks in succession.


Whether it's by doing quests or simply walking through the different areas, there are items to collect. Various potions ranging from the life potion to the potion that temporarily improves statistics. Items are important during battles against iconic enemies that can, at least during the first encounters, do a lot of damage. They can also be customized outside of combat to be used via shortcuts.

Support skills

At certain times, characters will be available as support. They will intervene when the player requests it, via a shortcut and sometimes alone as a human shield during some dangerous charges. Like controllable characters, support characters have abilities of their own. By helping each other, they will be able to trigger combined attacks called Z-Combinations to literally disintegrate enemies and create epic moments reminiscent of the series.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Watching the enemy

The bosses will have attacks called "patterns" that can be learned in order to know the enemy's reactions and how to react to these situations. The observation of attitude, colors, sounds, different moves, absolutely everything is important. Playing correctly will also involve learning these patterns.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

All these tips are to be applied during the most difficult fights. The diversity and depth of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is really fun to experience. Immersion also depends on the player's attitude: the more the techniques are used, the more visually satisfying the show will be. The feeling of being in the anime is really enjoyable.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: training, progression and Z orbs

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot proposes a real rise in power of its various characters. In order to achieve this, several methods are available to the player.

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