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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot PC: How get 4K resolution

If you have opted for the PC version of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, you may have had some trouble upgrading to 1080 resolution — even if your monitor allows it. Here are some tips found on Steam to try to reach the coveted 4K @ 60 fps.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot PC: How get 4K resolution

The PC port of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is not really as expected, and rightly: many players are currently stuck with a locked resolution of 1920x1080. However, user Steam WhySoAngry has posted a few tips, which will surely help to solve your problem. You can find a summary of his post on the Steam forums below.

Change resolution

From 1080p to 1440p or 4k

  • Make sure that your screen resolution on Windows is set to maximum. The game setting will never be able to go to a higher resolution than your desktop resolution.
  • Increase the maximum resolution in your Nvidia/AMD panel, this will force the game resolution if necessary.
  • In DBZ Kakarot settings, increase the internal resolution: 100 = 1080p, 150 = 1440p, 200 = 4K.

Nvidia cards only

  • Enter the Nvidia control panel
  • Go to 3D settings management
  • In the general settings, search for DSR - factors
  • Check X2 and X4

While waiting for a patch, this might be a good help if you want to explore the world of Goku.

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