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Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Our Guide to Beast compositions

Hearthstone Battlegrounds
Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Our Guide to Beast compositions

After looking at the Mechs, now it's time for you to be the king of the Battlegrounds. Here is the guide you need to get your claws out and use your fangs on the battlefield, thanks to the synergies and the best minions of the Beast archetype.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds: Our Guide to Beast compositions

Hearthstone Battlegrounds recently had an update that the entire community has been waiting for. The Floating Watcher has been rebalanced and placed in the level 4 pool, in order to slow down Demon compositions. Now is the time for the other tribes to regain the advantage. This is especially the case for Beasts who lacked a solid counter and finisher against the demons. Beasts are not the easiest to use, so here is a guide to help you tame them.

You prefer Mechs? It's this way!

Overall strategy

You know the drill. The build in Hearthstone Battlegrounds is usually decided during the mid game. However, the game sometimes prompts you to play one type of minion more than another, right from the start. If you only find beasts in your first 5 rounds, you'll think to hell with the mid game, it'll be stupid or nothing. And you'll be right! Especially since levels 3 and 4 of the tavern have only 3 beast cards.

Based on this premise, there are two schools.

You can either work your way through the tavern's levels to get quick access to the best beasts, or you can take the time to compose your board.

It is better not to rush your composition and level up the tavern when you can form triples. In all logic, your build will be initially composed of minions of rank 1 and 2. You will thus have more chance to have a triple and to take a useful minion of higher rank without having to level up the tavern and roll for nothing.


Early game

If you're planning on playing Beast before even choose your hero, the Alleycat will take priority. Then, the best thing to do is to quickly come across the Scavenging Hyena and the Rat Pack.

Once that's done, the rest of the work will consist of finding a triple to make your tavern evolve at the best possible moment. Minions such as the fearsome Pack Leader, Kindly Grandmother or Mounted Raptor will help you buff your Scavenging Hyena and survive the early game while giving you a better chance of getting a triple.

However, they are not beasts to be kept. Depending on the choices in the tavern, you'll even prefer minions such as N'zoth's Spawn, to buff the Rat Pack, or Kaboom Bot to help you empty the opponent's board.


Mid game

Two technical cards should be your priority at this point in the game: Pack Leader and Cave Hydra.

Ideally, you should find the Pack Leader as soon as possible so that the other beasts that arrive later can benefit from the Pack Leader's passive. Of course, he will be even more useful with your Deathrattle minions, especially the Rat Pack with whom he combines perfectly.

Virmen Sensei will also be of great help to you to buff your Hydra. This last one is a priority, because it is your only cleave — the other beasts will need other minions to increase their power.

Thus, the continuation of your mission will consist of inflating the stats of your board. That's why you shouldn't linger on level 4 and quickly upgrade your tavern or find a triple. The tier 5 monsters of level 5 that you will allow you to transform your beasts into monsters. And for that, Goldrin, the Great Wolf will be your best ally.

The small problem you're going to face is how you're going to protect your minions. The archetype doesn't have a minion with Taunt, but you can use Houndmaster or Defender of Argus to alleviate this weakness. And what better target than Goldrin, the Great wolf to protect your minions and die first to trigger his death rattle.


Late game

You mustn't be too soft-hearted with your animal friends. Sacrifice is part of a hero's job and the Savannah Highmane or the Ironhide Direhorn will be the replacements for your minions who are still too weak. But there is always a fiercer predator.

For example, if you can't manage to triple the Savannah Highmane, let the Ghastcoiler take his place. Now that you've got big beasts, the goal is to buff them a little more. Two Goldrinn, the Great Wolf are never too many, a triple is always ideal. Mama Bear will also be the optimal minion to help you accomplish this task. Better than the Pack Leader she will have to replace, this minion is also a beast and will benefit from Goldrinn, the Great Wolf's Deathrattle. You have to keep in mind that without a minion to increase the stats on your board, you don't stand a chance.

Important cards

Since the disappearance of the Amalgam, Maexxna is your only chance to get toxicity. Indispensable against oversized servants such as those offered by the Demon tribe.



It's the perfect late game combo with Goldrinn, the Great Wolf, so your minions can outrun the laws of nature. It also combines very well with the Ghastcoiler and the Savannah Highmane if you still have Mama Bear on the board.

Baron Rivendare


Never hesitate to triple one of your animals. You won't lose power, unlike other archetypes such as Mechs and their Cobalt Guardian or demons and their Floating Watcher. Take advantage of Deathrattles and passive to make your board monstrous, it is your only strategy to win the game.

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