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Hearthstone: Year of the Phoenix Hall of Fame rotation

Year of the Phoenix
Hearthstone: Year of the Phoenix Hall of Fame rotation

With the Year of the Phoenix, it's time to say goodbye to a lot of different cards such as Leeroy Jenkins!

Hearthstone: Year of the Phoenix Hall of Fame rotation

Soon the Year of the Dragon will make way to the Year of the Phoenix, which also means that some cards are going to be sent to the Hall of Fame among the cards that made Hearthstone history!

Neutral Cards


Priest Cards

  • You can find a list of all the changes that are going to affect the Priest here.

The announcements are numerous and these departures to the Hall of Fame are going to change things in many decks. The Priest is enormously affected but will receive new cards in exchange, which will give a breath of fresh air to the class which will have to totally reinvent itself.

Leeroy Jenkins

Predictably, Leeroy is leaving the Standard. Him who was automatically included in all the aggressive decks will have to give way to other minions with Charge less powerful than him, and above all, will make OTKs seriously harder to perform. You won't be able to count on him to finish a difficult game, and other solutions will have to be considered!

Mountain Giant

Cyclone Mage, Handlock... Many decks once used the Mountain Giant. The principle of the decks that use it is simple: draw a maximum and as soon as possible, in order to be able to put an 8/8, almost for free, as soon as possible. If you manage to put it down quickly, unless you get a quick answer from your opponent, the game is already over and lost for him.

Priest combo

Goodbye Combo Priest! With the departure of Divine Spirit, the combo with Inner Fire is greatly weakened and should no longer be as dominant as before. Although cards like High Priest Amet still exist, it will no longer be possible to create gigantic minions, capable of killing in one turn!


Several draw cards, which were automatically included in a lot of decks, were removed. This is the case of the Acolyte of Pain and the Northshire Cleric, which were often used in combination. The choice is quite logical, given the power of these two cards.

Priest Changes

Much in demand for a long time, the changes will be drastic for the Priest. We talk a little more about it in this dedicated article!


Mind Control Tech and Spellbreaker are two cards that allow a great deal of control on the board. With the disappearance of the first, aggressive multi-creature decks may be a little less afraid of summoning more minions, while the disappearance of the Spellbreaker will make you less afraid of an untimely Silence.

All Priest changes with the Year of the Phoenix

Between the cards that go to the Hall of Fame, the ones that have been changed, and the 6 cards that have been added, it's easy to get lost. Find all the information on the Priest's new features for this Year of the Phoenix!

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