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Scholomance Academy, the next Hearthstone expansion!

Scholomance Academy, the next Hearthstone expansion!

The second expansion of the Year of the Phoenix has just been unveiled and is called the Scholomance Academy. It brings many innovations, including double specialization, new keywords, and types of cards. Everything you need to know about it is in this article!

Welcome to Scholomance Academy!

As the Year of the Phoenix continues, the new Hearthstone expansion is welcoming its students for a new year!

Come take lessons in the legendary school of magic where knowledge makes power, where students overflow with magical potential, and where rumors speak of evil spawns that prowl outside ...

With this new expansion, 135 new cards are to be expected, including 40 dual-class cards! Scholomance Academy is also introducing a new keyword, Spellburst, as well as a new type of card, Studies. Just like the previous expansions, Blizzard is also implementing a new board filled with mysteries to play with.

If you preorder some card packs of the expansion, you'll receive the Mage alternate hero Kel'Thuzad and his exclusive card back. You'll also receive a random golden legendary card from Scholomance Academy as soon as the expansion is received — and you can already grab two copies of the newly introduced Transfer Student just by logging in into your account!


  • 135 new cards including 40 dual-class cards
  • New keyword: Spellburst
  • New type of card: Studies
  • Pre-order packs to obtain the Mage alternate hero Kel'Thuzad and his exclusive card back
  • A new board
  • A random golden legendary card from Scholomance Academy
  • Two copies of the newly introduced Transfer Student obtained just by logging in into your account

Release Date

If the trailer and most important information are now available, the release date is not yet official. For now, we only know that Scholomance Academy is planned for a release at the beginning of August.

All new cards

135 new cards will be introduced with this new expansion, and you can already check which ones were unveiled!

Scholomance Academy: Here are all the cards in the new Hearthstone expansion

Check out the 135 new cards that will be soon added in the new Hearthstone expansion, Scholomance Academy!

Dual-class cards

In Scholomance Academy, 40 cards will be usable by two different classes. Each class of the game is associated with two others, for a total of 10 different combinations — and the cards of each duo are designed to encourage strategies and mechanics common to both classes.

New keyword

Spellburst is a new keyword that will affect minions as well as weapons. After you played a card with Spellburst, it's effect will trigger once the next time you cast a spell. Check the video below to understand how it works!

New type of cards

Studies are new spells that will allow you to Discover a card, and reduce the mana cost of the next one you play! It's just as easy as it sounds!

Pre-orders and the new Mage alternate hero

As usual, two pre-order packs are available until the day before the expansion is released. This time, you'll have the possibility to obtain Kel'Thuzad, the Mage alternate hero.

A new board

Who says new expansion also says new board!


Whereas it's the new game mode or the upcoming solo adventure, Blizzard remained very mysterious about the other features that'll be implemented with Scholomance Academy. Will the two be connected? It remains to be seen...

Original content by Jean-Vincent "Durvil" Cannata.


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