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Call of Duty Slang: Beginner's Guide to Warzone Comms

Call of Duty Slang: Beginner's Guide to Warzone Comms

Here's a handy glossary to some key shorthand lingo in Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Slang: Beginner's Guide to Warzone Comms

Every game, if it's popular enough, builds a community of players passionate and dedicated players. Online multiplayer franchises like Call of Duty are no exception.

Every community creates its own language to quickly communicate midgame. Here's a handy glossary of terms to better familiarize yourself in the warzone:

Glossary of key Call of Duty lingo

ADS – This stands for aim down sights.

Bunny hop – A jumping technique that lets players move farther than usual.

First Blood – The round's first casualty.

Flank – Surprise the enemy from the back or side.

Flash – A flashbang grenade.

Frag – Depending on the context, this can be used to describe either a kill or a grenade.

Gulag – This is where you end up when you die in Call of Duty: Warzone. Fight one-on-one against another fallen player match to earn a chance to return to the battle. The only way to return to the game if you die is if a teammate buys you back.

Hip Fire – When you fire a weapon without aiming.

Jiggle Peek – A technique that involves rapidly strafing to look around a corner.

K/D – Refers to the ratio of kills to a player's deaths. Used to gauge performance.

Killstreak – This is a reward you get for making multiple kills in a multiplayer match. They can also be found as loot or bought at a buy station.

Loot – An item that can be added to a player's inventory.

Mounting – Putting your weapon on a surface to reduce recoil.

Plunder – A game mode with the objective of collecting the most cash.

Spawn – When a player re enters the field of battle with a new life. Can also refer to the areas where players appear.

Strafe – Moving from side to side, usually for evasive maneuvering during a gunfight.

Stun – Using a grenade to slow another player down.'

Tac Map - A 2D top-down view of Verdansk, the area you explore and fight inside for Warzone.

Tac Sprint – A technique used to make the player sprint more quickly.

Wallbang – Shooting an enemy through cover or a wall.

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