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Demon's Souls: Tutorial Boss Guide — Vanguard Demon

Demon's Souls: Tutorial Boss Guide — Vanguard Demon

Welcome to Demon's Souls, where the tutorial makes you face a huge and deadly boss. Here's a guide on how to beat the Vanguard Demon.

Demon's Souls: Tutorial Boss Guide — Vanguard Demon

The introduction of Demon's Souls is a kind of foretaste for the rest of the adventure, which means you're going to die. You'll have to face a first boss in order to complete the tutorial.

Vanguard Demon

This hideous overweight demon is not particularly difficult, but it's capable of killing you in one or two blows at this point in the game.

Either way, it will kill you, which will eject you from the tutorial and allow you to keep your souls. Note that it's possible to kill him and obtain its his soul and a room full of useful items.

There are several ways to kill him, but the safest way is probably to wait for him to strike a blow that you have to dodge. Since the boss is slow, this will give you a nice window to hit him a few times.

Don't be too aggressive, wait for your stamina to regenerate and then dodge his next attack. Repeat until you beat him. Remember that you have no margin for error, so it's better to drag it out than to get killed: you'll have only one chance!

Don't panic, however, if you get killed, it's not dramatic either, the Vanguard Demon will come back as an optional boss later in the game.

Demon's Souls

If you play the Royalty class, this fight is relatively easy. Turn around, keeping your distance and rolling when necessary, and send your Soul Arrows. Your mana regeneration ring will ensure that you don't run out of mana.

You can also go behind his back when possible to attack. In this case, he will jump and cause a shock wave when landing. This attack is quite easy to dodge due to its slowness. This technique is quite tedious, but your victory is almost guaranteed.

The game's first gameplay video also ends on the Vanguard

Dragon God

If you manage to kill the Vanguard Demon, a second boss is waiting for you. But in this case, things are clear: it is impossible to kill him by conventional means. If you get too close, a cutscene will be triggered and you will be instantly killed.

You'll have the opportunity to get your revenge later, as he'll come back as a mandatory boss.

Your death is scripted, it'll be necessary for you to die to leave the tutorial, but as said above, you will keep your souls.

Demon's Souls

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