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LoL Wild Rift: Amumu Jungle Build Guide

LoL Wild Rift: Amumu Jungle Build Guide

Items, Runes, Summoner Spells, and Skill Order. Read on for all you need to know to play Amumu, the Sad Mummy, in League of Legends Wild Rift.

LoL Wild Rift: Amumu Jungle Build Guide

Just gotten your hands on Amumu in Wild Rift and not sure where to get started? Read on for our guide on this champion and you'll be dominating the jungle in no time.




Hunter - Titan

Hunter - Genius

Amumu is a Jungler that has to jump into the fray and land his CC to have an impact. Aftershock is perfect for him: after immobilising an enemy, this rune will give you added resistances, then inflict additional damage in an AoE. Weakness, in red, is also a good choice for killing targets that you CC.

The Hunter set are our choices for blue and green as they boost some essential stats (HP, Tenacity, and CDR) for the rest of the game.


Here is the best Skill Order for Amumu. Max out his abilities as outlined below, but don't forget to put points in his ultimate whenever you can.

Wild Rift

Summoner Spells

Wild Rift
Wild Rift

Starter Items and Boots

While we've listed Ninja Tabi as the best boots for Amumu, Mercury Treads are a must better choice against an AP-heavy lineup.

Starting Item

Optimal Boots

Main items

The items you buy will vary from game to game, depending on the composition of the enemy team. We've put together a list of the best items for Amumu and ranked them by their effectiveness. Items in bold are essential purchases that you'll pick up in most, if not all, of your matches on this champion.

1. Sunfire Cape

2. Abyssal Mask

3. Winter's Approach

4. Liandry's Torment

5. Enchant Boots - Stasis

Tips and tricks

  • Amumu's passive, Cursed Touch, is often overlooked. Try to land as many auto-attacks as you can when you're in melee range. In addition, this passive makes it so that Amumu fits in nicely in AP-centric line-ups.

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