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How to score more kills in Warzone

How to score more kills in Warzone

Scoring plenty of kills over the course of a Warzone match is often the key to victory. Here are the best ways to score more kills in a match!

How to score more kills in Warzone

Whether it's in a casual or competitive setting, scoring kills in Warzone drastically improves the chances of climbing aboard the victory helicopter.

Depending on the skill of the other players in the match, it can sometimes feel impossible to score more than a handful of eliminations over the course of a match but thanks to these handy tips, it is possible to improve your K/D ratio and begin asserting dominance on the streets of Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

Here are some handy tips that will result in more kills appearing on the scoreboard.

Practice The Mechanics

In Warzone, utilizing mechanics such as slide-canceling are essential when it comes to moving around the map as fast as possible. 

While it may take some practice to fully master the movement, a huge advantage is to be gained which will help during any gunfights where you're able to dip in and out of cover in order to outwit the opposition.

A Fast Loadout Drop

Securing a Loadout Drop in the early stages of a match may feel like an impossible task thanks to the $10,000 price tag but the sooner you can get your hands on one, it will be much easier to secure kills against opponents that are still using ground loot.

The fastest way to earn the Cash is by completing contracts. We recommend going for the Bounty contracts that involve you eliminating a specific player for a huge monetary reward. Complete a few of these and you'll have the Cash for a Loadout Drop in no time at all!

Use these tips to score more kills! - Call of Duty: Warzone
Use these tips to score more kills!

Communication Is Key

Whether its through voice chat or using Warzone's ping system, communicating with the rest of the team is key in Duos, Trios, and Quads.

A live-mark of a target can sometimes be the difference between guaranteeing a kill or taking an early trip to the Gulag, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any clues that an opponent could be nearby.

Land At Busy POIs

There are a number of different landing places across Verdansk and Rebirth Island, and a sure-fire method of scoring plenty of kills is by landing at one of the busier points of interest. 

Although the thought of landing in an area where it is easy to get caught in the crossfire sounds like a bad idea, getting your hands on some early ground loot can often lead to plenty of kills being earned in the opening minutes of a match. 

Practice landing at these busy areas to master the art of staying cool under the pressure of being shot at from multiple directions. you may end up in the Gulag multiple times, but any kind of practice is certainly good practice.

Use Meta Weapons 

The Warzone meta constantly changes thanks to the regular doses of weapon balancing. In order to score those high-kill matches, it's essential that you are using the meta weapons that have the fastest time to kill and are the most versatile. 

Using different weapons is a lot of fun but if you encounter a player using the best weapons in the game, you will almost always lose the fight. 

If you use the meta weapons, plenty of kills are there for the taking!

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