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GTA Vice City: List of weapons and how to get them

GTA Vice City: List of weapons and how to get them

A varied arsenal of weapons awaits you in GTA: Vice City, and having access to it all will help you wreak havoc, have fun, and complete missions more easily. Here is the full list of weapons, where to find them, and how to use them.

With more than thirty weapons, including a wide range of melee weapons, the arsenal on offer in GTA: Vice City is vast and varied. 

This guide shows you where all the weapons are located in town, but be mindful that there are other ways to collect them. Ammu-Nation will be a go-to, and Phil Cassidy will sell some powerful weapons as you progress through the story. 

Of course, there's also the option of using cheat codes to arm yourself, too

Here is a non-exhaustive list of weapons in Vice City, along with maps showing where you can find them.


  • Fist: Found at the ends of your arms.
  • Brass Knuckles: Behind the Moonlite Hotel, or dropped by a bouncer at the Malibu Club.
Brass Knuckles - GTA: Vice City
Brass Knuckles

Melee Weapons

  • Screwdriver: Found in all tool stores.
  • Hammer: Found in all tool stores.
  • Knife: Tooled Up in North Point Mall, and dropped by the bartender at the Malibu Club.
  • Cleaver: Found in all tool stores, and near the pizzeria next to the Malibu Club.
  • Golf Club: At the entrance to the golf course, and picked up when getting into a Caddy.
  • Baton: Found in police station locker rooms, and dropped by police.
  • Baseball Bat: Found in the alley behind the Ocean View Hotel, and in the Washington Beach tool store.
  • Machete: Found in tool stores in Washington Beach and Little Havana.
  • Katana: Found in front of the garage at the house next door to Diaz's residence, or in the North Point Mall tool store.
  • Chainsaw: Found in the Little Havana tool store.
Chainsaw (blue), Cleaver (pink), Hammer (green) - GTA: Vice City
Chainsaw (blue), Cleaver (pink), Hammer (green)


  • Tear Gas: Behind the Washington Beach police station.
  • Molotov Cocktail: At Tacopalypse, east of Hyman Condo.
  • Grenade: In the Ammu-Nation at North Point Mall, or on the basketball courts of Little Havana.
  • Detonator: Bought at Phil's Place after the Boomshine Saigon mission.
Grenade (blue), Molotov Cocktail (pink) - GTA: Vice City
Grenade (blue), Molotov Cocktail (pink)


  • Colt .45: At the edge of the quay near Colonel Cortez's boat.
  • Colt Python: Downtown Ammu-Nation, in an alley near the Welcome to Hell billboard in Little Haiti.
Colt .45 (pink), Colt Python (blue) - GTA: Vice City
Colt .45 (pink), Colt Python (blue)


  • Pump-Action Shotgun: In Ocean Beach, at the top of the Washington Mall multi-storey parking lot.
  • Stubby: On sale at Ammu-Nation in North Point Mall.
  • SPAS-12: Behind the surfboard in front of the airport.
Shotgun (blue), Stubby (green). - GTA: Vice City
Shotgun (blue), Stubby (green).

Submachine Guns

  • Tec9: Behind a building in a dead end at Vice Point.
  • MAC-10: At the corner near where a Pony is parked, in front of the Shipyard.
  • Uzi: On the edge of a building to the east, crossing the street where Rosenberg's office is located.
  • MP5: On sale at the Ammu-Nation in Downtown.
Tec9 (pink), MAC-10 (blue), MP5 (green). - GTA: Vice City
Tec9 (pink), MAC-10 (blue), MP5 (green).

Assault Rifles

  • Ruger: On the southern roof of El Swanko Casa.
  • M4: Across the street from Umberto's Cafe, behind the building to the east.
Ruger (pink), M4 (green). - GTA: Vice City
Ruger (pink), M4 (green).

Heavy Weapons

  • M60: In the western guard tower at the military base; or bought at Phil's Place.
  • Flamethrower: In a backyard on Starfish Island, inside a pool in the shape of the Rockstar logo.
  • Rocket Launcher: At Vice Port, in the Hooker Inn pool; or bought at Phil's Place.
  • Minigun: In the destroyed Haitian factory after the "Vaudou" mission in Little Haiti; or bought at Phil's Place.
Flamethrower Locations - GTA: Vice City
Flamethrower Locations

Sniper Rifles

  • Sniper Rifle: In Vice Port, under the bridge leading to the east.
  • PSG-1: On the building near the Kaufman Cabs poster, east of Umberto's Cafe.
PSG-1 Locations - GTA: Vice City
PSG-1 Locations


  • Camera: Only accessible during the "Martha" mission.
Clémence LEMOAL
Clémence "Idril" Lemoal

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