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GTA Vice City: This is what the game could look like on PS5

GTA Vice City: This is what the game could look like on PS5

While PS5 and Xbox Series players have recently welcomed GTA 5, here is a fan of the license having fun recreating what GTA Vice City could give on these next-gen consoles, all thanks to the Unreal Engine 5. The result is simply crazy. GTA Trilogy better watch out.

Recently, at least a few months ago, Rockstar Games released GTA Trilogy Remastered Definitive Edition, including GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas on PlayStation, Xbox, but also PC and Nintendo Switch consoles.

However, when it was released, it was a bit of a cold shower, not only for the starred firm but also for the players. The community was indeed expecting games much more beautiful than the originals , and on top of that, the titles were full of bugs and it took a patch correcting no less than 100 problems.

But that is not the question. If we expected games much more in tune with the times, a GTA fan has corrected the situation with a totally incredible trailer of GTA Vice City running under the Unreal Engine 5 .

A player unveils GTA Vice City under the Unreal Engine 5

This trailer was created and published by TeaserPlay on the YouTube platform, and we then see a whole new face of the title released in 2002 by the starred firm. Then running under the Unreal 5 engine, we face a totally new game with updated graphics.

According to the YouTuber, the latter wanted, through this trailer, to show what GTA Vice City Remaster should really look like on next-gen consoles , but unfortunately this is only a trailer and not of a truly playable game. Let's just hope that Rockstar decides to take inspiration from it for its next remasters!

Remasters of the starred firm in sight?

If we talk about remasters, it's not for nothing. This is because the studio seems to be working on new projects. Indeed, a few weeks ago now, we informed you that the firm seemed to be seriously considering Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One, for a planned release on Xbox Series but also on PS5.

If GTA 5 enjoyed a next-gen release, why not do the same with Red Dead Redemption 2? This would be a good way for the game to take advantage of a second wind, and perhaps to revive, at the same time, its Online mode which seems to have been abandoned by the developers.

In addition, other rumors also indicate a remaster or remake of Red Dead Redemption first of the name, but nothing has been confirmed yet . We're going to have to be patient before we find out more, and knowing Rockstar Games, we know it can take a long, long time.

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