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GTA Vice City: Where to get secret vehicles like the armored Admiral and black Voodoo

GTA Vice City: Where to get secret vehicles like the armored Admiral and black Voodoo

There are several special variants of iconic vehicles in GTA: Vice City, including a destruction-proof Admiral, a rock band's limo, and an all-black version of the Voodoo. Here's where to find these secret automobiles.

While using cheat codes to get special vehicles in GTA: Vice City sounds appealing, it's the cheap way out. All these following automobiles are available through normal gameplay, and this guide shows you how to acquire them. 

NOTE: All images are from the original titles. Their updated appearances are as-yet unknown.

Vehicles included in this guide:

  • The indestructible Admiral
  • Romero's Hearse
  • The all-black Voodoo
  • Love Fist's special Stretch limo
  • A special Angel chopper
  • The Bloodring Banger
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The armored Admiral

This version of the Admiral belongs to Ricardo Diaz, and can only be acquired during the Guardian Angels mission.

To get this vehicle, fail the mission when the Haitians arrive. You do this by allowing the Haitian to escape with Diaz' money, while killing everyone else. Simply jack the vehicle aferwards and park it in one of your garages to keep it. 

Unless you flip or sink this vehicle, it cannot be destroyed. 

GTA: Vice City

Romero's Hearse

For those morbid enough to drive the streets of Vice City, this fireproof vehicle is for you.

To get this vehicle, you must progress the game to the final Avery Carrington mission, Two Bit Hit. One of your targets tries to escape in the hearse, so snipe him before he can get to it. 

Take the hearse to one of your garages to register it.

GTA: Vice City

The Black Voodoo

This special version of the Voodoo is also obtained during Two Bit Hit, just like Romero's Hearse. 

You'll have to kill one of the Haitian gang members, then rush to his vehicle. You'll need to destroy the hearse to complete this mission, so it's a one-or-the-other choice. 

Then you can take the Voodoo to your garage to save it.

GTA: Vice City

The Love Fist Limousine

Getting hold of the rock stars' limo is a cinch in Vice City. You'll use one as part of the Psycho Killer mission, after having driven the band to Rock City. 

It will also spawn outside the recording studio once you've completed the Publicity Tour mission, the final one given by the band. This mission is a direct rip-off from the movie Speed, in which you have to keep driving above 50 mph while the band defuses a bomb in the limo. It's great fun! 

GTA: Vice City

The 'Perfect' Angel

The Angel chopper is popular with Vice City bikers, but a special version that is faster and has the unique handling trait -- meaning you can take corners at high speed much easier -- can be found during the Alloy Wheels of Steel mission.

During the race, steal the bike from a dismounted opponent. However, storing it in a garage may reset the characteristics so that it becomes just a normal Angel.

GTA: Vice City

The Bloodring Banger

This destruction derby car can be found to the left of the entrance to Hyman Memorial Stadium, in the Downtown district, once you have successfully completed the Bloodring mission.

Several variants of the Bloodring Banger exist, differentiated by the numbers painted on them. They can all be stored in one of your garages.

GTA: Vice City
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