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How to get money easily in GTA: Vice City

How to get money easily in GTA: Vice City

We've put together a guide to getting rich quickly in GTA: Vice City, so you can buy those weapons, vehicles, properties and more!

Unlike titles in the series that came afterwards, there's not too many ways to get rich quick in GTA: Vice City.

As such, you'll need to be smart to amass a fortune. Luckily, we've put together a guide to help. 

Vigilante Cheat

The first thing is to note that this particular method depends on you having a bit in the kitty already, enough to buy a property with a garage. Then, steal a police car and return home. You can use this car to trigger Vigilante missions. 

Start a mission, and then leave the police car in your garage, making sure the garage door is securely closed (so the car doesn't despawn).

Now, this will involve cheating. Enter the code to blow up all vehicles. 

  • PS4/PS5 Versions: R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1
  • Xbox One/Series X|S Versions: RT, LT, RB, LB, LT, RT, X, Y, B, Y, LT, LB
  • Switch Version: ZR, ZL, R, L, ZL, ZR, Y, X, A, X, ZL, L
  • PC Versions: BIGBANG

Given that Vigilante missions start with your criminal targets in cars, blowing up all the cars will automatically complete the mission.

To repeat missions, take the police car out of the garage, then return it again. You can do this as often as you like, for as much money as you like.

Kaboom, there will be riches... - GTA: Vice City
Kaboom, there will be riches...

Quick Robberies

Pay 'n' Sprays are your ticket out of a wanted level, and you can use these to your advantage to make money. 

A rather easy money making gig is to get in a car and hold up the pharmacy along the road north of Little Havana (the pink dot on the map below). Raise your wanted level to three stars before escaping in your vehicle to the Pay 'n' Spray next door (within the yellow circle on the map below).

This will clear the wanted level, and then rob the store again. Repeat for as much money as you like.

GTA: Vice City

Money, Money, Money

For this one you'll need to have advanced far enough in the story to have completed the "Cop Land" mission.

Head onto the roof of Diaz's mansion, next to the helicopter. Position yourself at the edge of the roof, specifically above the "$" icon.

Looking at it, you'll notice the amount indicated rises, up to a maximum of $5,000 every 24 hours. Simply collect the marker to collect the cash.

GTA: Vice City

Other methods

  • Buy the Pole Position club and spend $300 on private dances. Following this, you can collect $4,000 a day in revenue.
  • Other properties, such as the Shipyard and the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory, can earn you big money once purchased.
  • Head Dowtown and destroy the parking meters near the Mars Café, which will drop some cash.
  • Mr. Black's calls can prove to be quite profitable. There are five missions, all of which can be accessed through the phone booths found throughout Vice City. The first will net you $500, increasing up to $16,000 for the last.
  • You can get money by destroying police helicopters. It's a risky choice, given the wanted level increase, but a Pay 'n' Spray will ease things.
  • Try to collect as many Hidden Packages as possible, from the start of the game. They earn you money, and every ten packages will unlock a new weapon with unlimited ammo at the hideout.
  • Following the same theme, Rampages and Unique Stunt Jjumps will earn you money too. They're also essential for the 100% completion trophy.
  • While not the most profitable method, simply progressing the story and completing missions will score you a payday each time.
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