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GTA Trilogy: List of GTA: Vice City Trophies

GTA Trilogy: List of GTA: Vice City Trophies

With the arrival of the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition, there's a whole list of trophies and achievements to be earned in GTA: Vice City 3 across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is coming soon, and there'll be a whole host of things to do. 

While GTA: Vice City is a sizeable game already, this new edition adds 13 new achievements and trophies for players to sink their teeth into for a total of 43. 

Here's the full list of GTA: Vice City trophies and achievements, as well as their completion criteria.

All about GTA Trilogy: Price, release date & more

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition brings together the three classic 3D GTA games that kicked off a monster franchise - GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. Here's what we know about the titles, including price, release date, and what upgrades have been made.

GTA: Vice City: Complete list of trophies & achievements

Born in the 80's


Listen to all music stations at least once.

Running Rampant

Complete Vigilante mission level 12.



Kill the property developer with a Golf Club during "Four Iron".

Not my First Time


Complete mission "G-Spotlight" without falling from the rooftops.

One is Better Than Two

Perform a 30 second wheelie.

Point A to Point B

Drop off 25 passengers driving the taxi.

High Quality H2O

Extinguish 10 fires.

Pie Guy

Deliver 10 pizzas.

Bull in a China Shop

Cause $1,000,000 in property damage.

Vice City Mogul

Own 10 properties.

Salutations My Little Friend


Use the M4 to take out Diaz during the mission "Rub Out".

Catch Me if You Can

Achieve a six-star wanted level.

Somebody Call the Wambulance?

Complete Paramedic Mission level 12.

Greasy Palms

Use a police bribe to reduce your wanted level.

Just Like the Real Thing

Win the RC Bandit Race.

Keepie-Uppy Okie Dokie

Earn a high score of 5 with the Keepie-Uppy Beach Ball.

Gun for Hire

Complete all assassination contracts.

I'm Famous!

Earn the Stuff of Legends media attention rank.

Don't Need Roads


Hit max speed in a Deluxo.


Complete 36 unique jumps.

Legal Counsel

Complete the "Riot" mission.

Life of the Party

Complete the "All Hands on Deck!" mission.

South American Connection

Complete the "Supply & Demand" mission.

Big Heat from Little Havana

Complete the "Trojan Voodoo" mission.


Complete the "Publicity Tour" mission.

Tommy Two-Wheels

Complete the "Hot Tied" mission.

Grand Theft Auto

Retrieve every wanted vehicle at Sunshine Autos Import Garage.

Bloodstained Hands

Earn the Butcher criminal rating.

Take the Cannoli

Earn the Godfather criminal rating.

Mischief Managed

Complete the "Keep Your Friends Close..." mission.

Chopper'd Up


Kill all hostile NPCs during the mission "Demolition Man" using the RC chopper's blades.

City Sleuth

Find 100 hidden packages.

Done it All

Earn 100% completion.


Unlock all achievements.

Put 'Em Up

Knock off 15 stores.



Attain 50 wanted stars.

Retro Lewk


Wear every outfit in the game at least once.

Scouring the City

Find 50 hidden packages.

Break it Up


Cause $500,000 in property damage.

Target Practice


Perform 50 headshots.

Prime Real Estate


Purchase all properties.

Vice Vice Baby


Complete the Cherry Popper dealer subgame.

Baked Distractions


Highjack the tank without alerting the army first, during "Sir, Yes Sir!".

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