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LoL: Does this skin still deserve to be an ultimate skin?

LoL: Does this skin still deserve to be an ultimate skin?

From simple outfit changes, to costumes with sound effects and own music, the difference between a simple skin and an ultimate skin is very important, except for this champion.

LoL: Does this skin still deserve to be an ultimate skin?

Sona DJ was one of the very first ultimate skins in gaming history, along with Ezreal Pulsefire. At the time, it was even the only skin in the game that allowed you to change the music in the game. What struck players the most at the time was that this music change was not only available to the person with the skin, but also to all their allies. Only over the years DJ Sona has aged, like many old skins. That shouldn't necessarily take away its status as the ultimate skin, but changes made by Riot Games change that.

A dead loss over the years

Since the release of the skin, League of Legends has seen many updates. Only in the case of DJ Sona, they were not used to improve the skin, quite the contrary. When released, the music played by Sona in this special costume was scalable. There was a base track, and different samples were added to it when Sona first used these spells. So there was an addition after the first use of A, Z and E. Today, the music is still evolving, but the three new layers arrive at the same time, when the first use of A or E is made. This change is intentional, as Riot Games has confirmed that this is not a bug.

At the time, the music changed the first times Sona used her R at levels 6, 11 and 16. So there were 4 different music in total, each with 4 specific variations (once the different layers were added with the basic spells ). Only over the evolutions of the game, some of them have been removed, and today DJ Sona has less different music (not to mention the few variations lost since all the layers are added at the same time).

League of Legends

The last negative point concerns the overall design of the skin, compared to other Sona skins. DJ Sona uses most of Sona's basic sounds, so his spells are no different from his normal version. For comparison, Senna True Damage has special animations and sounds on his W and E. Similarly, DJ Sona's R is the same spell as classic Sona, while Sona Pentakill's has shades of red and flame effects, Sona Nocturne has a bluish tint and Sona PsyOps has unique VFX effects. Finally, when DJ Sona has accumulated 120 passive stacks, a disco ball appears, the color of which varies according to the chosen version. If this is appreciable, it is still quite poor today for an ultimate skin.

Possible solutions

Today only two solutions seem possible. The first would simply be to lower the price of the skin and its rarity. It would be a first in the history of Riot Games, but more in line with the usual standards of the game. The second would be to give the skin a facelift. This solution seems to be the best, but it will depend on Riot Games' calculations. If they feel that it brings them more to give a facelift to the skin, whether in terms of future profits or brand image, then Sona DJ will surely receive some attention. On the other hand, if the estimates show that it would be a waste of time and money for Riot, then it is likely that this skin will remain forgotten, like dust under the carpet.

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