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How to unlock the Summons and Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

How to unlock the Summons and Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

The summons are a big part of Elden Ring and you'll need your own Spirit Calling Bell if you want to use them, here's how to unlock it.

How to unlock the Summons and Spirit Calling Bell in Elden Ring

Summons are a great way to finish Elden Ring in an easier way and many player chose to use them regularly, you'll first need to unlock them though and here's how.

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Unlock Spirit Summons in Elden Ring

To start, you need to get the Spirit Calling Bell . After getting your mount from Melina, return to the church with a merchant, not far from the tutorial exit. A blue witch is waiting for you in the ruins. Answer "Yes" to her question and she will give you the desired item. She doesn't always appear right away, go do an easy side dungeon for example, if she's not present. She will also give you the Lone Wolf Ashes .

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Then all you need to do is find more Spirits Ashes to summon. They are scattered around the world, and you can often find them on a corpse or a boss. They must then be equipped as a shortcut in the character's equipment tab.

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You can't summon your spirits anywhere, there has to be a resurrection beacon nearby . They are not easy to spot, but a special marker then appears on the left of the screen, in the form of a blue stele .

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  • All that remains is to summon the spirits, which will cost you a certain amount of CP (mana) that varies depending on the power of the spirit. The weakest are very economical, but the most powerful require having enough CP to be summoned, which requires investing levels in the Spirit stat for example. It is therefore an investment and a choice that can penalize you in terms of using spells and skills on a boss.
  • You can only summon one type of spirit at a time to an area between each rest, but there can be multiple spirits in a single summon. If you leave the area, the spirit(s) will disappear. If the spirit takes too much damage, it will disappear too. In the case of multiple invocations, each spirit has its own life bar.
  • Spirits are great for keeping enemies and bosses occupied while you deal the brunt of the damage. But be careful, a lot of bosses have big area attacks now, don't rely on spirits to tank forever. You cannot summon other spirits, or re-summon the same spirit during a battle.
  • In addition to the CP cost, some spirits have a few downsides, for example, they roar and alert the entire area to your presence, which can be counterproductive or even deadly.
  • Each type of spirit has its strengths and weaknesses. Do not hesitate to summon another the next time, if you see that a spirit is unsuited to a specific fight.
  • You cannot summon spirits in multiplayer , either cooperative or PvP.

Spirit's Ashes Upgrades

  • By carrying out the series of quests of Roderika at the Round Table, she will offer you to improve your spirits in exchange for Runes and Ghostly or deadly Lily of the Valley . You can find this thrush in the catacombs and some underground areas. Unlike the other components, it does not reappear after a rest.
  • Roderika's questline is pretty straightforward, just talk to her, then talk to the Blacksmith, then go back and talk to Roderika. Go rest at Grace Point then talk to them again. When Roderika has set up her shop near the Blacksmith, it will be good.
  • A spirit can be upgraded up to +10, but you will need components only available towards the end of the game for this.
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Elden Ring
Elden Ring

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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