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Elden Ring Multiplayer: Co-Op and PvP Explained

Elden Ring Multiplayer: Co-Op and PvP Explained

FromSoftware's open world is also available as a multiplayer game and here's everything you need to know about the changes from solo play.

The way multiplayer is integrated into FromSoftware's games is quite unusual and this time you'll start the adventure with an intimidating number of multiplayer-related items in your inventory.

It's up to you to put them in your hotbars and use them or not and here's everything about Elden Ring Multiplayer.

Indirect Online Elements

This includes many online elements that do not actively involve players in the game, such as bloodstains from dead players, which is often a good indicator of a danger zone. You can view the last moments of these players by activating those. This also includes the ghostly silhouettes that you see at times in the wild or at key points, showing player actions. And more importantly, that includes the infamous messages left all over the place .

Elden Ring

Some are useful, since they tell you the position of an ambush or a secret passage, they can even serve as signposts in a dark area.

Elden Ring

In any case, you can choose to play offline, if you don't like these elements. You can also just ignore them if you don't want to be swayed, although it's hard not to be interested in posts near dodgy walls.

Withered Finger

Effect : Allows you to write messages and leave them at a fixed point in the world. They will be transmitted to other players.

Multiplayer menu

With Elden Ring, you can now access the multiplayer menu that allows you to add a password.

  • There's the multiplayer password, which prioritizes seeing messages, summon marks, bloodstains, ghosts, and other items from players who use the same password as you. This is ideal for forming a community or a specific group of players or for playing with friends .
  • The multiplayer password allows you to summon, or be summoned only by players with the same code. This does not apply to invasions.
Remedy for crooked fingers

Effect : Activates the multiplayer mode, allows you to see the summoning signs of the players in order to summon them to play cooperatively (golden sign) or to face them (red sign). The summoning player becomes the host.

This item is a stackable consumable, defeating other players gives you some. You can also create them easily via Crafting. You'll usually need to use it first before you can summon other players, even hostile ones.

Special Rules in Multiplayer

You can have up to 4 players in the game at the moment, including invaders. This means up to 4 players in co-op, or 2 players in co-op and 2 invaders:

  • When you summon a player, or if you are invaded, the mount is no longer usable . It is automatically revoked if you were already on it, it is also a warning sign during an invasion, including by the AI.
  • Spirit Summons are also unusable.
  • Unlike previous games from the studio, cooperative multiplayer is no longer confined to a small area. The area is quite wide, and it is possible to play together for quite a long time until a boss is killed.
  • Playing cooperatively automatically exposes you to invasions by other players, unlike playing solo, which requires you to activate a certain item before you can be invaded.
  • For summoned players, the number of Healing Vials and CP possessed is halved, rounded down. Make sure you always have an even number of each vial type so you don't lose more than you need. Examples: 4/0 or 2/2, which gives 2/0 or 1/1 when summoned by another player. Here are distributions of vials not recommended: 1/3 or 3/1 which gives 0/1 and 1/0.
Finger slice

Effect : Returns the selected summoned player to their own world.

Does not work on invaders.

Shatterless Wrapped Finger

Effect : Leaves a golden sign on the ground to be summoned to another world for cooperative play. The objective is to beat the local boss. You can only leave one sign at a time, if you use it a second time, the first sign disappears.

Player versus player invasions

As mentioned above, Elden Ring changed the invasion system present in the Souls. The reason being the lack of the undead/human system. Since the characters are still in a normal state, this would otherwise mean that they can still be overrun, which can quickly become unbearable, since you can no longer use your mount.

In fact, the invaders are limited by default to cooperative players, so a tough fight awaits them. In order to balance things out, the invader has a special item, the Bloody Finger. Usable 10 times, it allows you to teleport very quickly near your target, or conversely to flee very quickly if the situation turns bad.

Festering bloody finger

Effect : Attempts to invade another player's game. If successful, you appear as a Bloody Finger, a red specter. Your objective is to kill the party host.

You receive Ghost Fingers as consumables for the occasion, they allow you to teleport not far from the target, or to flee.

It is possible to attempt to invade the same part several times.

Language of the provocateur

Effect : Invites Bloody Fingers to invade your world.

This item allows you to be invaded even without playing cooperatively with another player. This also eliminates the minimum time allowed between two invasions. If you're playing co-op with up to 2, this allows a second Bloody Finger to invade your game. Unfortunately, you must use a Twisted Finger Remedy before using it. It's a bit of a shame that you have to pay to be invaded.

It is obtained by killing Alberich the Scoffer in the Round Table, by jumping down below.

white ring

Effect : If you activate it, it allows you to automatically send requests to the Finger Hunters of other worlds so that they are automatically summoned to come to your aid if you are invaded by a Bloody Finger. It can also be used after being invaded.

This ring is not equipped, it is a permanently active bonus. It is purchased for 1000 runes from a special round table merchant.

blue ring

Effect : If you activate it, you become a hunter ready to automatically answer calls for help from white ring users. You will be automatically summoned to help kill a Bloody Finger.

This ring is not equipped, it is a permanently active bonus. It is purchased for 1000 runes from a special round table merchant. Its bonus can be active at the same time as that of the white ring.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

The marks combined with two particular objects, which make it easy to register, wherever you are. This avoids having to find a specific place to leave your mark, or having to search for player marks in the world, although it is still possible.

Small golden effigy

Transmits a cooperative summon sign to the Registry.

Small Bloody Effigy

Passes a competitive summon sign to the Registry.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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