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Elden Ring Round Table: The Core zone of the game

Elden Ring Round Table: The Core zone of the game

Elden Ring has a central hub just like many games and here's more about this Round Table

Elden Ring Round Table: The Core zone of the game

The Roundtable Hold serves as a gathering place for all the characters encountered during your adventures in Elden Ring, making it easier to get their help or continue their quest without having to wonder each time where they are hiding in the world. It is also the opportunity to take advantage of their services and goods, whether it is a magic teacher, a simple merchant or an experienced blacksmith. The places are reminiscent of a darker version of the famous Round Table of the Arthurian legend.

Elden Ring

Reach the Round Table in Elden Ring

It's hardly a surprise, and it may disappoint unified world proponents, but there's no way to find a path that leads Round Table. It is supposedly a place outside of time and space, which is not present in the rest of the Underworld. To reach it, you will have to rely on Melina, your young lady. You will meet her for the first time at one of the fallen grace points after leaving the tutorial, she will then offer you to make a pact, which will unlock the horse, as well as the possibility of gaining levels. As you move further away, for example by reaching another region, she will offer to teleport you to the Round Table . A faster, but more difficult alternative is to defeat Margit the Fallen. Once teleported to the Round Table, you can simply use the map and fast travel to easily reach any grace point on the map, and vice versa.

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The secrets of the Round Table

Like Firelink in Dark Souls 3, the Round Table has multiple secrets, with jumping areas, locked doors, and dangers. You will therefore have to explore the area well at different points in your progress in order to get your hands on its treasures. At least one special enemy awaits you in its depths, an invader who wields the scythe and powerful ice spells, and it is perfectly capable of slaughtering a low level character in a hit or two, in addition to having a lot of health .

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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