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How to clear Castle Morne and kill Leonine in Elden Ring

How to clear Castle Morne and kill Leonine in Elden Ring

If you're looking to clear the first optional dungeon in Elden Ring and fight Leonine here's how you can do so

Elden Ring will gradually introduce new  mechanics and big dungeons though your adventures. The Weeping Peninsula, and Castle Morne to the south are a good examples.

How to get to and clear Castle Morne in Elden Ring

  • The castle is on the southern tip of the peninsula. Approach on horseback, taking refuge behind obstacles to protect yourself from the arrows. Also use bursts of speed by moving laterally. Attack the giant's ankles next, then his chest with R1 when he's on the ground.
  • Once the first grace point is activated in the room to the left of the entrance hallway, take the elevator. You will arrive in the courtyard full of enemies, which is also the central section of the castle. You don't need to face them, you can either sneak left killing the hounds (which are very painful) or sprint to the other side.
  • Here is a tip that will help you greatly against almost all enemies and the castle boss: Use a shield with 100% physical absorption. Godrick's soldiers sometimes drop one. By blocking an enemy's attack and counterattacking with R2, you can easily win the fight against any basic enemy without taking damage. Just avoid facing several enemies at the same time.
  • Cross the yard, ignore the giant pumpkin head, then take the ladder down the hall to the right. Turn right after the ladder and walk along the ramparts, jump down to the left when you see enemies killing each other. Ignore them or kill them then continue to the small square tower behind them, at the top is Squire Edgar . Talking to her and giving her Irina's letter will advance the quest and secure her aid on the boss.
Elden Ring
  • Retrace your steps and continue to go around the ramparts, you will eventually see a point of vanished grace below, on rocks covered with grass . Go down to activate it.
  • Then continue your descent, you will have other buildings below, with several possible paths and enemies distracted by their food. To continue towards the boss, you must once again jump on the roof of a tower below, to the left of the wooden bridge, then on the grass , and finally on the open roof of a barracks. You will have to be careful for the future, and drop from beam to beam to descend without hurting yourself . Once at the bottom, you will be surrounded by rats, it is better to flee than to face them. Quickly leave the room and turn left, a new point of vanished grace awaits you in the corner , after a few steps.
  • You are now close to the boss, just take the small wooden bridge opposite, and drop down below. You should see a large door with a veil of golden mist.

Leonine Chimera Boss

Although a little intimidating, this boss is actually very simple with the right method, even without the help of summons. The reason being that he flinches easily from hits, and it is easy to expose him to a critical hit. His attacks aren't very powerful either.

In practice, it's a bit like the tutorial boss for the counterattack. The easiest way is to use a good shield and block his attacks. Whenever he completes his combo or his attack bounces off your shield, press R2 for a counterattack . By repeating the operation a handful of times, a characteristic noise will be heard, and the boss will stop for a moment. By approaching from the front or from behind and pressing R1, you will unleash a devastating critical attack.

The important thing with this method is to manage your Stamina well . Step back a good distance from the boss, lowering your guard to let the Stamina go up. Block again when the boss approaches and start again.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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