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Here's how to kill The Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Here's how to kill The Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Once you reach the Fire Giant, most of the game's already behind you, but not most of the hardships and here's how to defeat this boss

Here's how to kill The Fire Giant in Elden Ring

Things really get tough at the end of Elden Ring and here's how you can defeat the Fire Giant.


  • We strongly recommend doing this fight on horseback. It is clearly thought for. This has several important implications, the first is that cooperative play is strongly discouraged on the Fire Giant. Unless your level is way too low, it's just going to complicate things. The other notable point is that you can scale your gear accordingly, such as having a heavy gear loadout and using useful talismans on horseback. We will list some of them later. With enough life and defense, and keeping your life bar maxed out, you should survive at least one hit.
  • Spirit summons really show their limits in this fight. It is better to use a robust and distant summon in order to attract the attention of the giant, such as the Ancestral Disciple.
  • Talismans that increase survivability are good choices here, look for bonus life, physical defense and fire resistance. The spear talisman that increases mounted damage is very enticing here.
  • You can craft and use consumables that increase fire resistance. Using coating for your weapon will also help you defeat the boss faster. Just avoid fire damage.
  • The most important thing is probably to put your mount as a shortcut in the bag in order to be able to use it with Y/Triangle + the directional cross . If you have to constantly juggle healing potions, you're going to suffer. Crafting the best healing bays for your mount and putting them on a shortcut could also save you the same setbacks you encountered in the video. Having to use healing potions to re-summon Torrent while desperately dodging attacks isn't terrible. By taking care of it, you will limit the problems.

Phase 1

  • Get on your mount immediately and approach the giant by moving diagonally, the objective is to be able to get out of his avalanche attack from the sides if he decides to use it. Jumping over may be possible, but the timing seems finicky.
  • The strategy on this phase is very simple, stick to his left foot , which is surrounded by a splint of bones and hair, and attack him. The splint will eventually be destroyed, so you will have the freedom to attack its necrotic and vulnerable flesh. The giant will then kneel down, then roll away. By being stuck to the outer side of the foot you should avoid being crushed, then dash towards the giant to take cover next to his feet again, but be prepared for an attack along the way.
  • Your positioning is very important here, stay glued to the foot and reposition yourself behind him or to the sides when the giant pivots, otherwise you will take a shield hit in the head. Apart from that, just remember to walk away when he stamps his foot, to come back better afterwards.

Stage 2

Once the brace is destroyed, the giant will start using new fire attacks.

  • The first is to summon a fireball that will float slowly in your direction, and which will explode very violently as you approach. The best thing to do is to cause its explosion when it suits you , rather than risk being exposed to a deadly combo at the worst time. For example, after a roll from the giant, as you come back towards him, pass by the fireball before galloping. You can also use the fireball summoning animation to quietly attack the giant, with nothing to fear. As soon as you hear the sound that accompanies its activation, move away, it will explode in the feet of the giant immediately.
  • The other attack is a little more difficult to avoid, it will summon flames everywhere, after a few seconds pillars of fire will emerge. The ideal solution is to position yourself well between the flames so as not to take any damage . You can even choose to dismiss your horse to better control your positioning, then re-summon it afterwards. The other option is to move away at a good distance, at the risk of taking a shield blow in the teeth.

Phase 3

  • A cutscene will trigger at 50% health, the giant will tear off its leg and fire will start to come out of its stomach. The game has crashed several times at this point with us on PC, a patch should have fixed the thing, but if you encounter the technical problem, try to pass the graphic details to a minimum .
  • During this phase, the giant's attacks will change drastically, he will crawl forward while using different fire attacks, some cover a very large area. Its forward flame jets are also incredibly dangerous.
  • Vulnerable targets during this phase are his hands and especially the eye on his chest . By attacking his eye, you can easily land a critical attack, but the damage isn't very impressive. In practice, positioning yourself in front of the giant is incredibly dangerous, in addition to the fire and attacks from its arms, it also loves to roll sideways, which has a high chance of crushing you.
  • It's slower and less satisfying, but much safer. It is much less dangerous to continue attacking his ankles . Position yourself behind him on horseback and tickle his foot, or the stump of his leg. All you have to do is spin with it, or follow it as it rides from a distance. It's a matter of patience then.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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