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Here's how to kill The Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

Here's how to kill The Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

A fearsome knight in heavy armor awaits you in the Eternal Jail of Elden Ring. With angelic wings, a tail and a big shield here's how to defeat it.

Here's how to kill The Crucible Knight in Elden Ring

Prisons can be found all over the world of Elden Ring, each containing a dangerous fighter that you will need to defeat. But there aren't many more fearsome and annoying than the Crucible Knight, especially since you can encounter him at very low levels.

You will encounter many elite Crucible Knight-type enemies so the first one will be kind of a training.

Boss Stance - Elden Ring
Boss Stance


  • The Knight of the Crucible is really strong, we advise you not to try to do it immediately. It is better to defeat Margit the Fallen, go around the region and even defeat Godrick the transplant before going to rub shoulders with him.
  • Investing heavily in Stamina will help keep you from getting killed too quickly.
  • Upgrading your vials with Golden Seeds and Tears of Life will also help you survive this tough fight. Also remember to get the Vial of Salvation.
  • You can't use summons on this fight, that's what makes it difficult. Try to compensate with consumables.


  • This is obviously going to depend on your gameplay, but whether it's melee or ranged, the Knight is a pain. He moves quickly and he loves to perform combos with a lot of reach, especially when you try to heal yourself or use a spell. In many cases, it's easier to roll behind his back or wait until he's done a big vacuum attack to heal you.
  • Crucible Knight's big weakness is that all of his attacks have a big animation, making it fairly easy to dodge with a bit of practice, even his long spin combos. Once familiar with its sequences, it becomes simpler. You can then roll behind his back and attack him. This is also valid for his very painful shield blow, you must not roll backwards, but on your sides then in your back.
  • Another way to attack him without too much risk is to take advantage of one of his big forward attacks to make a jump attack, before retreating. Avoid doing it when his shield is up though, otherwise you'll bite.
  • When his health is low enough, the Knight of the Crucible will start using his other abilities, like diving flight. If you have a ranged weapon, spells or throwing knives, you can take advantage of it to box an attack before dodging laterally. Timing is important here. It's dangerous, but by rolling backwards, you can position yourself behind him before dealing a big attack when he lands.
  • Tail swipes are really problematic afterwards, especially if you've adopted the technique of rolling behind him. It may be wise to roll one or two more rolls before attacking, in anticipation of the fact that it will give one or two tail swipes.
  • If you really have difficulties for the last phase, it's time to use throwing daggers, explosive bombs, or decide to come back a little later. Multiplayer is also an option, if not having a spirit.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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