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Here's how to kill The Godskin Duo in Elden Ring

Here's how to kill The Godskin Duo in Elden Ring

The end of Elden Ring is near, but a quite difficult boss stands in your way. Here is a strategy guide with a video, tips and advice in order to kill this new foe.

Here's how to kill The Godskin Duo in Elden Ring

If you found Elden Ring easy, the endgame will probably change your mind. After the Fire Giant and your decision to speedrun global warming by burning down the World Tree, here comes a particularly painful new boss, the Godskin Duo.


  • This boss is obviously much easier in multiplayer, summoning another player will make it much more affordable. This guide is for players who don't want to or can't use this option.
  • This is the time for your spirit summons to shine, having a robust one upgraded to +10 is going to make a huge difference here. 
  • Going up against the various Godskin type enemies and bosses throughout the rest of the game to learn their individual moves and how to deal with them greatly helps on this fight.
  • Bleed weapons like katanas are formidable in this fight.

How the health bar and resurrections work

In total, you have to kill a Godskin 4 times to completely empty the life bar.

We tested the possibility of having both nobles dead at the same time in order to block resurrection and with only half a life bar, but it does not work. These little cheaters will come back to life spontaneously.

Elden Ring


The best method is to use your summon to distract at least one Godskin, allowing you to take out the other in a duel without too much difficulty. Attacking the distracted Godskin from behind is also an option. Ping-ponging a summon is still effective, at least as long as it survives. There are several ways to fight the fight, but being very aggressive seemed to us to be the best method, at least with a colossal sword. You have to try to put the first Godskin at about 50% life, and kill the other. In our case, killing the big one first seemed appropriate, since they tend to be far more dangerous and kill the summon spirit too quickly. Additionally, the slender Godskin tends to be much easier to kill when using its swirling spindly form, while the large one rolls around, which is incredibly painful and dangerous.

After killing him, you will be able to comfortably face the second member of the duo, with a numerical advantage if your summon is alive.

Preferably you can finish off the second Godskin before the first one, which has just been brought back to life, really has time to get in your way. This will allow you once again to engage in a duel with an enemy. Of course, this will depend on your damage and the course of the fight, there are other approaches.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

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