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How to get the Sword of Night and Flame the best weapon in Elden Ring

How to get the Sword of Night and Flame the best weapon in Elden Ring

Known as the Sword of Night and Flame, this sword has absolutely devastating special abilities, both on groups of enemies and bosses. Here is a written guide accompanied by a video to get it quickly and easily from the start of the game.

Players have recently discovered the absurd potential of one more weapon in Elden Ring, the Sword of Night and Flame.  By activating its special skill, a powerful hit unleashes a volley of flames in front of you, and a quick hit will downright unleash a comet capable of dealing thousands of damage to bosses. Whether it's to reduce the difficulty, to overcome a big boss like Malenia, or for the collection, it is legitimate to want it. Here is a guide to get it as fast as possible.

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Where to find the Sword of Night and Flame in Elden Ring

It's in a chest in Caria Manor, north of Liurnia. You can get there pretty quickly after getting your mount, without having to beat Godrick.. Just take the road on the side of the cliff. You then have to go up the entire map of Liurnia, heading northwest.

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Once in Caria Manor, you just have to follow the video. However, here is the written process:

  • Go straight ahead ignoring the giant hands, go under the stone arch, then follow the road as it turns left to enter the church.
  • Go upstairs and activate the Fallen Grace Site.
  • Take the bridge, ignore the blue ghosts. Turn left as soon as possible, then right after the next bridge.
  • You will see a building below, jump on its roof from the bridge. From this building, jump onto the next building below.
  • Take the ladder down, then open the chest, the Sword of Night and Flame is inside. Remember to open the shortcut behind, to return to the grace point, if the fast travel does not work.
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