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Hearthstone — Everything you need to know about Arena Rotation

Hearthstone — Everything you need to know about Arena Rotation

The Arena saw considerable changes over the last months, since the start of the Year of the Dragon. Rogue was already too overpowered with some essential cards. Therefore, Blizzard acted upon this and nerfed him.

Hearthstone — Everything you need to know about Arena Rotation

Playable Expansions — February 26, 2020

Starting March 4, the Arena will include cards from the following expansions:


Rogue changes – April 17

Later today we will be applying an adjustment to the weight of Rogue class cards in Arenas to address some current balance issues. This means that overperforming Rogue cards will be seen less frequently. Additionally, we will be making changes to the card buckets for other classes to create a more consistent drafting experience. You will not need to patch your client or download any additional data to receive this update.
Please note that after this change some Rogue choices may seem sub-optimal, but we are prepared to address any outstanding issues in a future update.
Blizzard (Source)

Arena Changes – April 9

  • All 3-card packs will give the choice between cards of the same power level (buckets). There are currently 13 non-legendary and 5 legendary buckets.
  • Arena draft compositions average 79% common, 15% rare, 5% epic, and 1% legendary cards.
  • Your 1st, 10th, 20th, and 30th choices ensure a card above the average (bucket 4 or more).
  • Class cards are 50% more likely to appear in your choices.
  • Spell and weapon cards, as well as cards from the last expansion (Rise of Shadows) are 50% more likely to appear.
  • Neutral cards of basic and classic sets are 50% less likely to appear.
  • These cards here cannot be seen on drafts, as well as Even/Odd synergies.
  • Want to see more? All buckets are here.

New Arena features – March 24

Since the Year of the Dragon has been dropped off, the Arena mode has seen lots of changes –even more with the Standard rotation. The era of the same synergy and card picks, again and again, is over, thanks to the implementation of regular changes. New expansion combinations will appear every 2 months in the card pool.

We will keep you updated, and pick bases will stay the same but priorities, mostly, will drastically evolve. Who has never dreamt of picking Sludge Belcher again? Or rediscovering Aya Blackpaw? Those dreams will come true over the two first months of the Year of the Dragon. Then, the Arena rotation will take effect. These changes will give the Arena mode a second wind and make it more unique.

I'll be back! - Hearthstone
I'll be back!

Playable expansions for the opening

As we stated before, card pools will change every 2 months. In order to help you prepare, here are all of the playable expansions at the moment of the implementation of this new game mode.

  • Basic/Classic sets (which should be playable in every rotations)
  • Curse of Naxxramas
  • Whispers of the Old Gods
  • Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • The Witchwood
  • Rise of Shadows

Banned cards

The Hearthstone staff has decided to ban some Arena cards, and it isn't likely to change soon. Recently, the most significant ban was Mind Control; the other ones are listed down below. For the most part, they are banned because their synergy is hard to play with and you shouldn't really miss them.

All Cards stats and Banned cards of Hearthstone Arena

You may already have wondered what are the chances of a card appearing in your draft and which ones are impossible to get. We have all of the answers here!

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