Fall Guys: Answer to the Hackers

With such success in a week, it's normal to see a few hackers on Fall Guys. But the latter start to be particularly annoying during games, and Mediatonic makes a point of resolving this problem.

Fall Guys: Answer to the Hackers

Hackers are currently plaguing Fall Guys, and have been doing so for a few days now. This was to be expected on a game that sold over 2 million copies in a week.

Concretely, the smart ones use Cheating scripts which allow them for example to:

  • Skip the countdown to departures,
  • Move at an incredible speed,
  • Jump incredibly high or even teleport.

In short, enough to finish first very easily and to chain the victories in order to win the precious crowns and buy rare cosmetics in the Shop.

It has a knack for pissing off other gamers who would just like to enjoy the mini-games and have a good time. And that also goes against the very spirit of the game created by Mediatonic.

Although Fall Guys will soon become an "esports" game thanks to Twitch Rivals, no competitive games or leaderboards are available yet. What's the point of cheating then?

To counter this, some players voluntarily decide to lose their teams (during team games) in order to punish hackers. Others prefer to complain to the developers so that things can finally get going.

While there is currently no tool to report cheaters in the game, Mediatonic invites players to report hackers on their official Discord.

“We've been building a system since day one thanks to the actions of our honest players. We have now started using it to adjust our approach to detecting and dealing with cheaters. This is something we will continue to do. do with the support of the community whose help has been essential to keep the Fall Guys a world of beans that just want to have fun. " (...) I also prefer to congratulate our players for their talent rather than criticize the cheaters for being bad. This is not how I work
Rory Marquis, Directeur Technique de Fall Guys on Response sent to Kotaku (Source)

In short, the cheating present on Fall Guys will not be entirely removed anytime soon, but Mediatonic will continue to monitor and ban bad players. The developers are also counting on its players to be respectful and continue to postpone the many Hackers.

Source: Kotaku and Mediatonic

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