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Fall Guys: Players set mind-blowing records

Fall Guys: Players set mind-blowing records

For the past few days, Mediatonic's colorful little Battle Royale has been experiencing a real second wind and players are enjoying playing it. However, just because Fall Guys is such a cute game doesn't mean there aren't a few tryharders!

Since Fall Guys became free on all platforms, Mediatonic 's title has enjoyed a real second wind and is indeed doing better than ever. With a record 50 million players in just two weeks after it went free-to-play, the game now has real tryharders who have fun breaking speed records on certain maps.

Lately, they have fun sharing their different performances on social networks for our greatest pleasure!

Players are exploding all counters in Fall Guys

While some maps are shunned by players, which is normal in a game, others have become a veritable terrain for acrobats, and more particularly one of the jungle-themed maps: Lily Leapers .

For those who don't know or don't see what map it is, it's the one that only contains pink bumpers/drums and that is always a little higher along the way.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

It is indeed on this one that some players and streamers have fun setting some records, and lately, it is the streamer responding to the name of CouRage on Twitter who wanted to share his performance with us. With a time approaching 40 seconds, and more precisely a time of 39.2 seconds , the latter was able to cover the map in one go: no falls or failures!

His performance is pretty amazing, but if we dig deeper into the tweet replies, then we find another record that is even more outstanding!

Twitter user, going by the name of Kerem, also shared a performance (we don't know if it's himself or not, but we're guessing so), with a record of not 39 seconds but... 24.77 seconds ! However, unlike CouRage, the latter seems to use a well-honed technique, a technique that seems to consist of spamming the key that allows you to make dives. Indeed, as soon as he lands on a bumper, the latter is in a diving position and then goes much faster than the others.

In the days to come, it wouldn't be surprising to see real Fall Guys competitions come to life. Lately, we had ZeratoR's latest Fight For Sub with no less than 60 streamers who had to compete on different maps of the Battle Royale. It is not really surprising that the big winner of this evening was MoMaNus , streamer who had already won the previous FFS.

This time around, the latter won the pretty like of $5,000 as well as 100 subs donated by our host ZeratoR.

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