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Fall Guys: A phallic skin surprised players

Fall Guys: A phallic skin surprised players

Following a problem encountered by some players on the Fall Guys shop, the Mediatonic teams wanted to be forgiven by offering them a skin whose shape was debated... You will understand why when you see it!

Since Fall Guys is free-to-play, the game is a hit all over the world! A craze partly due to the broadcasts of many streamers on the production of Mediatonic, but also to the organization of competitive events. In short, Fall Guys is the free-to-play of the moment!

No less than 48 hours after going Free-to-Play, Fall Guys already had 20 million players , despite some small server problems. Two weeks after this feat, the Mediatonic team celebrated with a tweet the 50 million players . A monumental figure, never reached in such a short time when the game was still paying.

Despite this good news, some players still had bad surprises , for which the Mediatonic teams wanted to be forgiven… in a somewhat special way.

An image that sows panic

It all started when several players complained about a malfunction in the Fall Guys shop . When they opened certain items to look at them, the game automatically bought the skin/accessory if they had enough money in their kitty. Players affected (and stripped) immediately complained to the management teams of the Fall Guys shop, but did not receive the expected help.

Little by little, the subject made the rounds of Reddit, and the Mediatonic teams realized that it was time to be forgiven… with a skin announced through this image.

Doubtful, right? Immediately, the community reacted to this staged phallic shadow in a rather unusual way. It is true that the image is very confusing! Player reactions were plentiful, mostly hilarious.

It's not what you think...I swear!

Quickly, the Fall Guys teams therefore wanted to establish the truth: this is not an elongated reproductive organ, but an elongated skin called Grandis! Logic !

Players affected by this unfortunate problem will therefore be entitled to Grandis, as well as a refund (of course). In addition, the teams in charge of the shop promise to adjust the layout of the latter in order to avoid any confusion between preview and purchase.

More fear than harm therefore, both for the players affected by the malfunction and for those who believed that this skin was going to be... good you see. All's well That ends well !

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