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Fall Guys: how to change your nickname?

Fall Guys: how to change your nickname?

The nickname you used for your little bean no longer suits you at all and you want to change it? In this Fall Guys guide, we explain how it is possible to change your nickname.

The nickname you used when creating your Epic Games account no longer suits you and you want to change it? However, once in play, no way to find a solution to this small inconvenience? This guide is here to help you, because we explain how to change your nickname on Fall Guys!

How to change nickname on Fall Guys?

To change nicknames, things turn out to be quite simple provided you have linked your game account to Epic Games.

How do I link my account to Epic Games?

Create an Epic Games account, once your account is created, all you have to do is go to your Account info and head to the Connections tab. Depending on your gaming platform, all you need to do is enter the requested data. Once you have completed all the data, your game account (Xbox, Steam, PSN or Nintendo) will be directly linked to the Epic Games.

How do I change my username after that?

Below, find the procedure to follow to change your name on Fall Guys:

  • Go to and log into your Epic Games account,
  • At the top right, hover over your current nickname and on the drop-down panel that appears, select your Account,
  • In Account Info, you can change your nickname by clicking on the blue square,
  • Enter the nickname of your choice, then confirm,

    Note : Always keep in mind that you will need to link your Xbox, PSN, Nintendo or Steam account to Epic Games to change your nickname.

    After this little manipulation, everything will be good, you will have a new nickname! This modification changes your name on your Epic Games account and not only on Fall Guys. Currently, it is impossible to change the nickname on Fall Guys only at our leisure. So don't be surprised if the nickname you initially use on other Epic Games games is no longer the same.

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