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Xbox: Great news for one of Microsoft's most anticipated exclusives!

Xbox: Great news for one of Microsoft's most anticipated exclusives!

After months without news, the long-awaited reboot of the Fable franchise is finally being talked about.

The reboot of Fable by Playground and Microsoft – which we will call Fable VI unofficially for practical reasons – is a project that is at the very least mysterious. About two years after the announcement trailer and a few rare details, Fable VI finally gives some news.

A new recruit completes the Playground team: Anna Megill who will take on the role of Narrative Lead .

A complete CV

Good news then, since apart from the fact that this confirms that Fable VI is still in development, Anna Megill has a rather impressive experience. Indeed, she has written for Dishonored Death of the Outsider , Guild Wars 2 , and especially Control .

We tested Control and its DLC The Foundation when they were released, and we were pleasantly surprised by the game's scenario, to say the least. two terrifying creatures on his Twitter banner) still haunt our nightmares.

Anna Megill also worked on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora , Ubisoft 's action FPS which is also highly anticipated by gamers.

What we know about Fable IV

Please note that none of this information has been officially confirmed by the developers. Remember to take the next few paragraphs with a grain of salt.

The new installment of the Fable franchise is therefore being developed by Playground Games and Microsoft for the Xbox (we do not yet know if it will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X). It was curiously less than two years after the closure of Lionhead, the original creators of Fable, that Microsoft decided to relaunch the franchise with a different team.

Fable IV, which, we remind you, is not officially called Fable IV, will be in the same vein as the previous games, ie an Action-RPG centered on the story and the characters, probably in an open world this time.

"Putting the Fable franchise - and giving it a brand new start - in the hands of one of the biggest games developers in the world, and also right here in England with Playground Games, is something of a dream come true," said said Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox games marketing at Microsoft, after the trailer was presented in 2020.

"We're allowing them to have a fresh start with the franchise and you'll find that the classic British humor stays true to the franchise, the game will obviously be a role-playing game, and the best people in the business are working on it ." »

Long before the 2020 trailer, information – supposedly from E3 2019 – had leaked on Reddit.

Again, this information has never been confirmed or denied. One thing is certain, Fable IV does not yet have a release date, but we may have to wait a while before seeing the rest of the franchise point the tip of its nose.

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