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Marvel's Avengers drops to below 1,000 players

Marvel's Avengers drops to below 1,000 players

Just a month after release, Marvel's Avengers has seen the number of players drastically decline. Less than 1,000 players are connecting simultaneously each day, with matchmaking impacted by this small player pool.

Marvel's Avengers drops to below 1,000 players

The announcement of Marvel's Avengers had been promising, but the launch proved to be a little less so. Between bugs, crashes, and other optimization problems, players quickly became frustrated.

In our own review we raised several major negatives, namely a disappointing campaign and lack of content — two very problematic issues for a game as a service (GaaS) with microtransactions.

Marvel's Avengers

An update at the end of September fixed a large number of bugs, but it appears this hasn't been enough. With the repeat loot system the game revolves around, and with the lack of content updates — something which Crystal Dynamics have pushed back over and over again — players have quickly deserted the game.

This leads those still left in the game to encounter matchmaking issues, with it becoming difficult to find other players for multiplayer. This, added to the fact that over fifty multiplayer missions are available per day — and the game requiring four people each playing a different character — wait times are considerably increased.

On PC, it can be a 30-minute wait before being able to find a group, while on PS4 — the platform with the most players — it's rare to find a full group of four people, with players often ending up with one or two AI to complete their teams.

Crystal Dynamics hasn't communicated much about the game, and no updates have been announced at this time.

For a game priced at $59.99 and with a dazzling pre-launch (six million downloads of the beta on PS4) it's astonishing to see how quickly the game has fallen. 

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