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Raven Software confirms 15,000 Warzone bans

Raven Software confirms 15,000 Warzone bans

On April 7th, Raven Software revealed that another ban wave had removed 15,000 accounts from the battle royale.

Raven Software confirms 15,000 Warzone bans

Since Raven Software began its efforts to deal with cheaters in Warzone, a total of approximately 400,000 accounts that have been banned.

Despite the best efforts of the developer, players are far more interested in a dedicated anti-cheat system that would instantly block cheaters before they get the chance to ruin any matches.

A badly made anti-cheat?

We don't really know what Activision's anti-cheat system consists of, but it is undeniable that it is not enough to combat the problem.

Raven Software having to intervene on a regular basis isn't an ideal solution to deal with the problem of cheaters, but it's certainly better than nothing and has improved the game significantly since it began to ban accounts.

With calls for a dedicated anti-cheat continuing, is it too late for Activision to implement a better system to ensure the fairness of players dropping into Verdansk?

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