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Dota 2 documentary arrives on Netflix, April 19

Dota 2 documentary arrives on Netflix, April 19

The movie follows professional players as they compete in TI1

Dota 2 documentary arrives on Netflix, April 19

Following the DOTA: Dragon's Blood series which aired last month, Dota 2 is collaborating once more with Netflix; this time to bring the Free to Play movie.

The movie was first released in March 2014, but will now be accessible through the streaming service later this month. It is, however, still free to watch on the official Valve YouTube channel and on Steam.

Free to Play focuses on the professional and personal lives of three of the most prolific Dota 2 players as they competed in the very first The International tournament in 2011.

In this documentary movie, Benedict 'hyhy' Lim, Clinton 'Fear' Loomis, and Danil 'Dendi' Ishutin have their journeys followed as they fight to claim the $1,000,000 prize and the Aegis of Champions.

We've seen plenty of similar documentaries come from the League of Legends space too, most notably the recent 'Fight for First' series which followed Excel Esports' journey through the start of the 2020 LEC Spring Split.

gTV is Ubisoft's new online UK TV channel

It will start its first transmission today.

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