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Is Terminator arriving to Warzone?

Is Terminator arriving to Warzone?

Could the Terminator be making its way to Warzone?

Is Terminator arriving to Warzone?

As Warzone slowly progresses towards its mid-season update, many players are wondering if more classic 80s action movie characters are on their way to the popular battle royale.

So far, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has teased the arrival of John Rambo and Die Hard's John McClane which look to be part of the mid-season event that was teased at the beginning of Season 3.

Alongside Rambo and McClane, there have been a few subtle teases that may see the Terminator drop into Verdansk in the not too distant future.

Is Terminator Coming To Warzone

Although the teasers haven't been as obvious as Rambo or McClane, a fan tweeted the Call of Duty account suggesting Terminator could also be arriving, and the account responded with a thinking emoji.

Warzone Terminator Leaks

Notable leaker Tom Henderson has also been teasing that some kind of crossover will be taking place after posting a Warzone hashtag along with the official soundtrack to the first Terminator movie.

Is It Likely?

With the release of Rambo and John McClane, two of the biggest action heroes from the 80s, it would make a lot of sense for Activision to release the Terminator as a playable character.

It wouldn't be the first time the character has appeared in a battle royale. In a recent Fortnite season, Sarah Connor and T-800 cosmetic sets appeared in the store. Could Activision take a leaf out of Fortnite's book and bring the Terminator to Warzone? We will have to wait and see...

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