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Everything you need to know about the $100K Dallas Empire Heist Warzone tournament

Everything you need to know about the $100K Dallas Empire Heist Warzone tournament

The Dallas Empire CDL franchise is hosting a Warzone tournament to celebrate the launch of Season 4 of Warzone. Find out everything you need to know about the tournament in this article.

Everything you need to know about the $100K Dallas Empire Heist Warzone tournament

To celebrate the launch of Warzone Season 4, the Dallas Empire is the latest CDL franchise to host its very own high-stakes Warzone tournament. Known as the Warzone Heist, the event will be one of the very first to take place in Season 4.

Beginning on June 16th, Season 4 will feature a wealth of brand-new content including new additions to the weapon arsenal, new playable Operators, a new Battle Pass, and new points of interest.

As competitive Warzone continues to grow at an impressive rate, the Dallas Empire Warzone Heist is set to be one of the biggest tournaments to take place, much to the excitement of competitive Warzone fans and the players in with a chance of competing.

In this article, find out everything that you need to know about the tournament including the prize pool, format, and a list of players taking part.

Day 1 Results

After the opening day of the tournament came to an end, the formidable duo of Tommey and Almond led the standings with an impressive haul of 213 points.

Find a full list of the top eight teams advancing to day two below:

  • 1st - Tommey and Almond - 213 Points
  • 2nd - Newbz and HusKerrs - 200 Points
  • 3rd - Swagg and Booya - 167 Points
  • 4th - Destroy and ZLaner - 155 Points
  • 5th - UnRationaL and ScummN - 149 Points
  • 6th - Metaphor and Smitty - 147 Points
  • 7th - pickNICK and Nickool - 145 Points
  • 8th - Angel and Lenun - 137 Points

Dallas Empire Warzone Heist $100K Warzone Tournament Schedule

The tournament is set to begin on June 17th and will run until June 18th where a champion will be crowned.


The first day of the competition will feature a Kill Race qualifier alongside a range of challenges competitors can complete in order to earn some additional prize money.

Day two will consist of a best-of-three double-elimination bracket where the winner will be determined.


To add a bit of variety to the competition, the Dallas Empire has introduced a range of challenges where some additional cash can be earned.

Find a full list of challenges and their values below:

  • IRL selfie with your character by the Empire trophy - $100 (x30)
  • In-Air Kill from the drop - $100 (x20)
  • 3rd Highest Kill count - $400
  • Win a Gulag without killing your opponent - $500 (x2)
  • Win a Gulag with an Assassination kill - $500 (x2)
  • Kill with each vehicle in one match - $750 (x2)
  • 2nd Highest Kill count - $600
  • 1st Highest Kill count - $1000
  • Community challenge - $1000
  • Most match wins in 3 hours -$1000
  • Sniper kill over 400m - $1000
  • 360-degree in-air snipe - $1000
  • Squad wipe with a helicopter - $1000
  • Win the game with an Airstrike - $1000
  • Win with a 0 kill, 0 death teammate - $1000
  • Blow up a helicopter with a motorcycle in mid-air - $1000
  • Win the game with an Assassination - $1500
  • Have $100K Cash as a team - $1500
  • Solo in-air sniper kill from a helicopter - $1500
  • Highest Kill Game - $2000

How To Watch

A dedicated hub for the event will be shown live on the Call of Duty Twitch channel.

To view the perspectives of individual players, it's likely that they will be streaming the action on their own channels.


A full list of players can be found below:

  • Tommey/Almond
  • Rallied/OtterEyes
  • Newbz/HusKerrs
  • IMAngelikaa/Fuzzn
  • Destroy/ZLaner
  • Galex/Shway
  • SuperEvan/DiazBiffle
  • Speros/Fluxuryy
  • Vikkstar123/Warsz
  • MrDaft/BasedGodXenon
  • KaleiRenay/Pork
  • JoeWo/Stukawaki
  • HollyLive/JerKy26
  • TTinyy/Zepti
  • Neslo/OPMarked
  • Metaphor/Smitty
  • JessieCooks/Luvey
  • Jordy2d/Spidey
  • LEGIQN/SloppyHarry
  • Jukeyz/Fifakill
  • P90Princess/Jxsephs
  • BobbyPoff/Mayappo
  • MarkClark/Frozone
  • ClutchBelk/Med1cine
  • NuFo/Bartonologist
  • exzachtt/DougisRaw
  • Blake/Jorge
  • iSmixie/Flxnked
  • SebasBeron/FazeBloo
  • TeeP/DKarma
  • Rated/Aydan
  • JaredFPS/zColorss
  • IceManIssac/breadman
  • Swagg/Booya
  • pickNICK/Nickool
  • UnRationaL/ScummN
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