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Warzone: Cold-Blooded perk is now essential to avoid wallhacks and other evils

Warzone: Cold-Blooded perk is now essential to avoid wallhacks and other evils

The two new perks in Call of Duty: Warzone have completely disrupted the perk meta used in the battle royale to date.

Warzone: Cold-Blooded perk is now essential to avoid wallhacks and other evils

The new perks in Warzone Season 5 have completely scrambled the meta. Until now, professional players were clear about which perks to take into the battlefield, but now Tempered and Combat Scout have turned things completely upside down.

As well as these perks, there is a special perk that has benefited greatly from the Season 5 patch in the battle royale, even more than High Alert -- Cold Blood.

This is a perk that has hardly been used in Warzone, not being very relevant. However, right now it is possibly the only counter to Combat Scout, while also enabling players to remain hidden from High Alert while aiming at enemy players.

Cold-Blooded now makes players immune to the wallhacks deployed by one of the new perks, which works on-hit. When a player lands a shot on an enemy, they remain marked in red on the screen -- meaning they can still be seen through walls.

Cold-Blooded puts paid to that. 

It's something we may see more of in major tournaments going forward. Ghost may not be as essential now, thanks to Tempered, but Spotter has just lost its domination when it comes to first advantages.

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