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Horizon Cup: Wild Rift gets its own international tournament

Horizon Cup: Wild Rift gets its own international tournament

The mobile version of League of Legends is set to get its own version of Worlds, with 10 regions vying for the title of best in the world later this year.

Horizon Cup: Wild Rift gets its own international tournament

League of Legends: Wild Rift already has esports competitions in some regions of the world, including the Lolcito Salvaje in Latin America. However, the next logical step is taking the game international, something Riot is now doing wirh the Horizon Cup.

Taking place at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Center from November 13-21 -- immediately after Worlds 2021 in League of Legends -- it serves as the biggest tournament to date for the mobile title.

The Horizon Cup was born as a result of the demand for esports from Wild Rift players, something that's intrinsic to most Riot Games products. While smaller local tournaments were a hit, it was inevitable that Riot would support a bigger event down the line.

"Regional competitions have already begun around the world, and the year will finish off with a multi-region event," they explained in the official release, stating that the tournament will feature teams from 10 regions.

At the time of publication, there are no further details about which regions have been invited to participate. It's expected all regions in which the game is available, including Latin America, Korea, and China. Korea already has its first regional champion in KT Rolster.

"With support from the Singapore Tourism Board, we look forward to welcoming the teams and players to Singapore," Riot said in the release.

Having the support of the Singapore government in the context of 2021 and its tribulations is important, as it ensures that competitors will be able to enter the country to compete. This eliminates issues that its bigger sibling had, with Worlds moving from China to Iceland.

More information on the Horizon Cup, including qualifier info, format, and broadcast details, will be revealed closer to the event.

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