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Elden Ring: Discover FromSoftware's game on Gameboy!

Elden Ring: Discover FromSoftware's game on Gameboy!

This is unheard of ! An independent game creator has just produced a demake of FromSoftware's latest game on a retro Nintendo console, the Gameboy. Get ready to dive into a pixelated Entre-terre thanks to the Elden Ring demake!

If there is a crossover that we did not expect, it's Elden Ring on Gameboy! While license players keep surprising us with ever more unusual ideas, let's discover together this demake of FromSoftware's latest game, Gameboy version.

A long story

It all started last May, when a user named Shin announced on Reddit that he was working on a big project. The latter was actually a demake of Elden Ring Gameboy version, playable on the retro console! The announcement made the buzz and the subject went around the world.

In an interview for Polygon , the creator of the demake said: "The idea was inspired by my friends, we played Elden Ring a lot together but we also like to do small video game projects together. We were doing a brainstorming possible uses for GB Studio 3.0 when the subject of Elden Ring inevitably arose".

After colossal work, the mod was finally able to see the light of day at the beginning of the month.

Elden Ring on Gameboy, what does it give?

The result is simply stunning. Shin managed to reproduce the main protagonists of the Underworld, but also its varied landscapes. It is therefore possible to relive the adventures of a Sans-brilliance, on Nintendo's retro console. From waking up in church, to the confrontation with the transplanted offspring, the story of Elden Ring follows its course in this unusual demake.

The Elden Ring demake offers its players an adventure similar to that in Inter-earth, but pixelated. In addition, the difficulty is indeed there, it is necessary to alternate between the attack and the rolls in order to survive the various bosses which will give you a lot of trouble.

For now, only the first part of the game is available , as the creation of characters and atmosphere requires hours and hours of work. Regarding this, Shin revealed, "I only did the first part of the game because I need to find a job instead of working on this game. I would like to expand the game in the future, but I can't guarantee anything." It is therefore hoped that the hype that players have given to the demake will encourage its creator to produce the following levels.

How to play the Elden Ring demake?

It is possible to play the creation of Shin by various means:

  • On PC: Directly on the official site or by downloading it to apply it on an emulator.
  • On Gameboy: By downloading the .gb file from the official site and writing it on a flashcart. It is also possible to use it with emulators like BGB. If you have an Analogue Pocket, download the .pocket file instead.

    So all you have to do is grab your pixelated sword and embark on an adventure in Entre-terre, on Gameboy!

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