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Stray: When even Real-life cats enjoy the game!

Stray: When even Real-life cats enjoy the game!

Since its release, Stray, the game that allows you to embody an adorable and courageous feline, has been a great success among humans... but also among cats themselves! Thus, we see hundreds of publications showing the interest of felines for the red protagonist of the game!

You've no doubt heard of Stray lately. This game puts you in the shoes of a cat, exploring a futuristic and sometimes very hostile world. Stray was developed by BlueTwelve studios, which, it is always good to remember, are French and whose teams are made up of "a lot of cats and a few humans" .

In the shoes of this little ginger virtual cat, you can do just about everything our favorite felines love to do : sleep, scratch their claws (on a sofa of course), or even play ball and drop objects from various tables. But then if you like all this, imagine the real cats, who see their life reproduced through a screen?

Cats love Stray

That's a fact. Since the game was released yesterday, gamers around the world have been posting videos of their cats to the networks, who seem very intrigued by the game . So much so that an account dedicated to cats who are very interested in Stray has been created: @CatsWatchingStray.

How not to spend hours looking at all the posts of this adorable account? It's just not possible. Cats all over the world seem to recognize their ginger friend through the screen, and look ready to go on an adventure with him! Some players have even specified that their feline had spent hours in front of the television, scrutinizing each of the movements of the protagonist of Stray.

It also works with dogs

Man's best friend seems equally intrigued by Stray , and wonders what those cats are doing inside the TV. Several players have also posted photos of their dogs, who are also totally captivated by the game. When will there be a @DogsWatchingStray? We are waiting for it impatiently.

In any case, cats or dogs, both are adorable and seem to have validated Stray , like most players. Only a day into its day, the feedback on BlueTwelve Studios' video game production seems more than positive, as do the reviews.

Pets around the world have therefore not finished seeing the little red feline appear on their screens , for what seems to be their greatest pleasure.

In the meantime, if you want to know everything about this real nugget of summer, do not hesitate to consult our many guides on Stray. Something to take care of you and your pet!

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