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Momo Stray: his quest, where to find this robot?

Momo Stray: his quest, where to find this robot?

You have just met the Guardian and he advises you to ask all your questions to Momo, but he cannot be found? In this guide, we explain how to meet the Momo robot and the actions to take to continue your adventure.

After your meeting with the Guardian, he will tell you to go see Momo so that he can answer all our questions. Without giving too much detail, the Guardian will guide you by pointing to a building with orange neon advertising; where Momo lives. This is not an easy exercise, however, because from the view of a small cat the world can seem gigantic and there is no way you can climb directly to Momo.

In this Stray guide, we explain how to join Momo, the robot with the Hawaiian shirt.

Where to find Momo in the slums?

After your discussion with the Guardian, the latter will have given you a small indication of Momo's position. You will have to go to the terrace of the building with the orange neon, but how?

Taking as a starting point the trash can located just in front of the Super Spirit laundromat, you will have to climb to the roof following the rain shelters in jail. Once on the platform in jail, climb on the air conditioner which will be in front of you.


Once on the air conditioner located on the house just in front of the prison platform, you will have to climb vertically; no need to look left or right, it will be enough to simply climb in height. Once on the roofs (where the robot is lying on a mattress), you will have to reach the other part of the roofs and climb all the air conditioners to find yourself on a terrace.

Once on the terrace, all you have to do is climb the window to come face to face with Momo.


Note: There are a number of ways you can reach the rooftops, including through the air conditioner which is right in front of Grandma's store, but we chose this path because it seems to us to be the most direct way to meet Momo. However, the other paths aren't really long either; let's say each path won't jostle your playing time (go 30 seconds maybe?).

What to do next ?

Once you meet Momo, he will feel sorry for himself. For the quest to continue, you will need to show him the three notebooks of his friends: Clementine, Zbaltazar and Doc. Without these notebooks, you will not be able to continue your adventure on Stray. If you don't know where to find them, here is a guide that may be able to help you.

Moreover, at Momo, you can find a mfor Morusque, so don't miss it!

Stray: Record exploded for the most fashionable cat of the moment

Available since yesterday on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC, Stray, the game that allows you to embody a cat lost in a futuristic universe, records a canon start. The game became the best launch of the Anapurna studio with several tens of thousands of simultaneous players on PC.

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