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Elden Ring: A graphic tablet to knock out the boss? This streamer did it!

Elden Ring: A graphic tablet to knock out the boss? This streamer did it!

While players keep surprising us with each crazier challenge, a streamer named Luality has just achieved a new feat: embarking on an Elden Ring run using a graphic tablet!

Thumbnail photo credits: Luality - Drawing Tablet Run - Twitch

Since its release last February , FromSoftware's latest blockbuster doesn't seem to be running out. Although many have already overcome most bosses in the Underworld, explored every castle ruin, every cave, and helped every NPC no matter how weird their quests were, there's never something bored on Elden Ring.

Some players keep proving it to us by performing challenges, each more unusual than the next. While we saw a streamer attacking Malenia on a dance floor, a player dismantling the duo Sanctechair with bare hands or even with a harp, a content creator by the name of Luality came to surprise us (another times) with his crazy ideas.

A run on a graphic tablet

Here is the totally unusual challenge that Luality set itself a few days ago: complete Elden Ring using only its graphic tablet. The latter are normally used for the purpose of drawing, or to make virtual creations using a stylus. This is a totally essential tool for creatives, and was used by the streamer to tackle bosses in the Underworld.

To achieve this feat, the player associated several forms with an action. For example, when she draws a kind of lightning using her graphic pen, her character performs a frontal attack.

Although the first hours of play were more than complicated for Luality, she succeeded in defeating the scourge of the Radahn stars after two and a half hours of fierce trials... all thanks to her tablet alone! Subsequently, the streamer had a hard time facing the sentry of the tree, and therefore chose to explore other areas before confronting the fearsome knight again.

This isn't Luality's first feat

Of course, the streamer is creative and keeps finding new ways to play her favorite game. Some time ago, she had turned the internet upside down by offering a run of Elden Ring on guitar, straight from the mythical production Guitar Hero . Her more than immersive setup allowed her to change the color of her LEDs when she pressed the various controls on her guitar. Impressive, right?

Enough to offer its spectators a real show! The streamer therefore alternates between the different colors in order to overcome the most terrifying bosses of the Underworld such as Godrick or the Sentinel of the Tree. While she had previously attempted the epic using a dance mat and/or a guitar, Luality adds yet another feat to her roster with this run on the tablet. Who knows when it will stop?

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