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Pokemon GO: Get ready to catch Shiny Ralts on Community Day!

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Pokemon GO: Get ready to catch Shiny Ralts on Community Day!

Niantic have revealed the next Pokémon to be given its own Community Day, and it's none other than the Psychic/Fairy-type Ralts! Get ready for August 3, Trainers!

Pokemon GO: Get ready to catch Shiny Ralts on Community Day!

Following on from last month's Mudkip spotlight, Niantic are bringing Generation III star Ralts to the forefront of Pokemon GO

Trainers will have increased chances to catch this Pokémon between 4 pm and 7pm local time on August 3, as well as its shiny form. 

What's more, the special move for evolving Ralts during Community Day has been revealed — it's Synchronoisea Psychic-type attack! You'll have up to 8pm (one hour after the end of Community Day) to evolve and claim this move. 

Be sure to catch as many Ralts as possible — you'll need 125 Ralts Candy to turn it into a Gardevoir and 125 Candy plus a Sinnoh Stone to turn it into Gallade.


Psychic / Fairy

Ralts (Shiny Form)

Psychic / Fairy


Psychic / Fairy


Psychic / Fairy


Psychic / Fighting

As usual, Ralts and its evolutions can be obtained in shiny form during the event.

Certain bonuses will also be live during the event — the distance required to hatch Eggs will be four times less, while Lure Modules will last three hours instead of 30 minutes.

Note that this bonus will also apply to Mossy, Magnetic and Glacial Lure Modules.

One Piece meets Pokémon GO in Niantic's latest special event!

Trainers will soon have the chance to don Monkey D. Luffy's iconic straw hat thanks to a new in-game collaboration with One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda.

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