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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide: the Soul Emblems

Strengthening your character is mandatory in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and Soul Emblems are one of the many possibilities to obtain the power of a Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide: the Soul Emblems

Among the numerous ways to improve your character in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Soul Emblems are probably the most original. You can unlock Soul Emblems of the various characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe by completing side quests, special training, or simply by progressing through the main story.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

These Emblems will have to be strategically placed in the Community Board according to the affinity with the controlled character. These medals give more or less passive bonuses and other enhancements such as attack or support gauge upgrades, depending on their position on this board. These links also unlock a few optional short dialogues from the past between the different protagonists.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Community Board contains seven different categories, each with its own particularity. For example, "Warrior Z" will focus purely on combat characteristics such as melee attack or the power of ki attacks, while the "Cooking" category will increase the effects that Chichi dishes will have temporarily or permanently. Each Soul Emblem obviously has its strengths and weaknesses and matches more or less one of these 7 categories: there is no point in placing Vegeta in the center of the cooking category.

Optimizing your community board can be time-consuming, but will very quickly turn out to be crucial in order to overcome the most difficult challenges of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. You'll probably need to try different combinations to find the one that will increase the level of stars in each category.

A few tips for the community board

  • In order to unlock soul emblems do as many side quests as possible.
  • Observe the categories in which the characters are the best.
  • Go to the details of the soul emblems to find the list of bonuses. Depending on the unlocked medals, it is possible to see the affiliations to create in order to get the best possible boosts.
  • Use gifts on relevant medals in each community board to increase each community's rank and benefit from the passive effects of each rank.
  • Feel free to recreate new combinations as often as necessary. As the emblems are unlocked fairly regularly, you will need to spend some time on them in order to optimize each community.
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