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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide — D Medals

Here's some tips to find the many Dragon Ball Z Kakarot medals scattered around the game world in order to unlock trophies as well as combos and special attacks.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guide — D Medals

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot introduces many RPG-like elements, not necessarily in a very subtle way, but if you like to explore, and search every corner of the map for collectibles, the D medals are made for you. And even if you don't like it, you'll need them in order to learn super attacks. They are displayed on the map with a green muscular arm. However, you will need to have progressed enough through your talent tree, so don't expect to use them at the beginning.

There are also 2 trophies that reward you for collecting medals, but you won't need to find them all, as there are plenty of them.

Medal Madness

Collect 10 D Medals.

Heavy Medal

Collect 100 D Medals.

How to get D Medals

There are several ways to get medals. The first is simply to pick them up from all over the world. They have the appearance of a purple ball that floats a few centimeters above the ground, unlike the Z orbs that float high. You can easily spot the medals by using ki detection with Lb/L1, the medals are then displayed with a characteristic purple aura. There are more than ten of them per zone, but they are not marked if you are too far away, so you will have to fly at low altitude and scan the area.

Here are some places where you will often find medals:

  • Underwater
  • In towns and villages
  • Under roots
  • In caves blocked by rocks
Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The second method is a bit more fun. It simply consists of completing the side quests marked in blue, which we strongly recommend you do. Don't postpone them, otherwise you'll miss them by progressing through the story. They are usually very easy and quick. You can find more basic tips to help you progress in our beginner's guide.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot


By going to the game menu and simply following the course of the story, you will collect many D medals for your achievements thanks to the Z-Encyclopedia. This is still the quickest and easiest way to collect them, however, it will not enable zones completion and won't advance trophy quests.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
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