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Hearthstone: Best decks to grind the ladder

Hearthstone: Best decks to grind the ladder

On April 7, the whole ranked system will undergo massive changes — but don't worry, we got you covered with these three decklists to climb the ladder back.

Hearthstone: Best decks to grind the ladder

The new extension The Ashes of Outland arrives on the servers of Hearthstone from April 7. But before that, players will get to know the new ladder with the appearance of leagues and new ranks, until the final level: legend. A real revolution.
In this case, there are two choices to make: relax and climb the highest without forcing and counting on an anarchic meta on April 7 to mount Legend , or tryhard from the first hour! If you make this last choice, you will be quiet once the extension is live and you will only have fun creating decks and testing them without fear for your rank . But for that, you have to arm yourself with salt and grind a maximum. To help you in your task, here are the three most effective decks of the moment and their in-game code.

Galakrond Rogue

Code: AAECAaIHCrICzQPdCKCAA5KXA7euA8GuA+O0A5+3A8vAAwq0Ae0CiAePlwP1pwO5rgP+rgOqrwPOrwOCsQ

With Leeroy Jenkins leaving Standard mode to join the Hall of Fame, we though the Galakrond rogue would slightly decline — but it was not understanding Valeera's powers. The incessant and threatening value of which it is capable weighs on the game. Its tree of possibilities, to complete or outwit you, always makes it one of the most effective decks in the meta.

Dragon Hunter

Code : AAECAR8CxwOHsAMOhwThBJcIiq0Di60D+a4D+68D/K8D/q8D57AD/7ADh7EDurYDr7cDAA==

It looks like the meta is doing very well for Leeroy Jenkins . He left tears, but also weapons. Far from being dependent on it, the Dragon Hunter did not allow itself to be dismantled and quickly replaced it without losing its attack speed. One blink of an eyelid and you no longer have any health points.

Overload Aggro Shaman

Code : AAECAaoIBPkDmfsCtJcD5qUDDe8B4ALgBrDwAvbwAo / 7Apz / AoyFA / aKA8aZA7WtA7atA / muAwA =

Here is an archetype that we had not seen being effective for a while. Surging Tempest has a lot to do with the many synergies based on Overload. The good old Rockbiter Weapon / Hammer of Destiny combination hasn't aged a bit. Something to refresh memories during your legendary visit!

Patch 17.0 brings new Ladder system and new ranks

The Year of the Phoenix is coming and with it all its card announcements and the new class. On the sidelines of all this, Blizzard has announced plans to completely overhaul Hearthstone's rank system, which has been the same since the game's initial release.


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