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Hearthstone: Patch 17.0 brings new Ladder system and new ranks

Year of the Phoenix
Hearthstone: Patch 17.0 brings new Ladder system and new ranks

The Year of the Phoenix is coming and with it all its card announcements and the new class. On the sidelines of all this, Blizzard has announced plans to completely overhaul Hearthstone's rank system, which has been the same since the game's initial release.

Hearthstone: Patch 17.0 brings new Ladder system and new ranks

Hearthstone is celebrating its 6th anniversary, and with it comes a great revolution.

New class added to the game, rework of the Priest class and a Year of the Phoenix that already promises great things.

To continue with new announcements, Team 5 wanted to completely revise the rank system, which had been the same for 6 years.

By the end of 2018, the ranks had been revised from 25 to 50. In the meantime, the stars to pass each level had also been changed several times (previously, it took 5 stars to finalize a rank, even at ranks 25 to 10). Then finally, the levels were changed to ranks 20, 15, 10 and 5 to the delight of the community.

New arrivals

  • Say goodby to the road from rank 50 to Legend, and get ready to the ranks that go from Iron to Diamond to finish with the supreme rank, Legend (screen of the ranks to come).


  • ALL players return to the very bottom of the ladder at the end of each month of Standard (and Wild), as they did a few semesters ago. At that time, the only difference between a casual player and a hardcore player was a few stars. The worst ones started again around rank 19, the best ones around rank 14. After the first reset ladder following the beginning of the Year of the Phoenix, players who finish at the Legend rank have a very specific multiplier of the number of stars won per victory, which is necessarily higher than the number of stars won by players who finish at rank 12 for example.
  • The exclusive card backs for each ladder season are directly won and ranked in the collection after winning his 5 monthly wins. No need to wait until the end of the month to get his precious cosmetics back, and that's really nice!
  • Last but not least: the end of month rewards are significantly increased. So far, a few gold dust and cards (the rarity of which depends on your rank at the end of the month), and that's about it. To continue in the vein of making the game "cheaper", Blizzard is also implementing the same anti-doubling system on rare and epic cards as on the legendary ones (more on that here).


Cards sent to the Hall of Fame with the Year of the Phoenix

With the Year of the Phoenix, it's time to say goodbye to a lot of different cards such as Leeroy Jenkins!

All Priest changes with the Year of the Phoenix

Between the cards that go to the Hall of Fame, the ones that have been changed, and the 6 cards that have been added, it's easy to get lost. Find all the information on the Priest's new features for this Year of the Phoenix!

Jérémie Mathis

Associate Editor - MGG FR

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