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How to get Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Valheim: Complete Guide
How to get Dragon Eggs in Valheim

Dragon Eggs are the heaviest objects in Valheim, and you can't transport them via portal. Here's our guide on where to find them, and how to get them to where you need

How to get Dragon Eggs in Valheim

When you venture in to the snowy Mountain biome you'll find quite a few new resources in Valheim. Aside from Obsidian and veins of Silver, you're going to meet some flying Drakes. And they are usually protecting exatcly what you're looking for — a nest of Dragon Eggs.

Each egg weighs 200kg, and you can only transport it physically. Which means you're in for a lot of trekking — these Dragon Eggs are important!

What to Use Dragon Eggs For

While the eggs have no use in terms of crafting or building, you do need them to progress further in the tenth world.

You need to place three Dragon Eggs on the altar in order to summon the fourth boss, Moder.

Unfortunately, these eggs have no use in terms of crafting or building. But as a runestone let you know, and as you may have already suspected, they are used to summon the 4th boss in the game, Moder the Dragon. After finding the boss's summoning point, you will have to bring 3 eggs to the altar , for a grand total of 600kg, which is impossible to teleport, remember.


So you have a couple of choices here:

Solo: If you're planning on doing this on your own, we'd recommend building a chest near the altar so that you can trek to it with the Dragon Egg as soon as you obtain it, rather than returning to your base first.

Co-Op: If you're playing with friends, you can share the load to make things simpler and faster. 


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