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Before God of War Ragnarok, viking fans can jump into Valheim on Xbox Game Pass

Before God of War Ragnarok, viking fans can jump into Valheim on Xbox Game Pass

Announced for a while on the Xbox Game Pass, Valheim finally has the official release date of its arrival on Microsoft's service. And it will happen very quickly, since the survival game that marked the players when it was released in early access, will be available at the end of September.

The vikings are represented with dignity at the end of the year with God of War Ragnarok on November 9, but also good old Valheim, which should tumble onto the game pass in two short weeks . A good opportunity to launch it with some friends to understand why it was so popular at the start of last year.

Valheim release date on Xbox Game Pass

Valheim will be released on Xbox Game Pass consoles and PC on September 29. Please note, as with Dinsey Dreamlight Valley recently, this is an early access version and the 1.0 version of the game is still a long way off. Small updates came to feed the content, but it mainly concerned cosmetic crafts. The next major additions should be more interesting, with the arrival of a whole new tier of content to unlock and explore , but Iron Gate does not have a specific date to give yet.


One of the surprise hits of 2021

Available since February 2, 2021 on PC in early access, Valheim was the right game at the right time: millions of players rushed to it in just a few weeks , propelling its development studio into the spotlight. More than a year later, things have unfortunately not progressed much: the integration of the new biome seems to cause a lot of problems for the developers, who still prefer to take their time before delivering a refined version to the players. If you take advantage of this game pass version to get started, don't hesitate to consult all of our guides in the index just below.

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